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Everybody Enjoys Drama Essay

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Drama is defined as “any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results.” Gossiping, procrastinating, arguing, fighting, cheating, stealing, and lying are all causes of drama. Regardless of the type of drama, people seem to naturally create it and enjoy being a spectator of it.

Movies, tv shows, internet, and video games are the most popular types of entertainment and are also packed full of drama. People thrive on the drama and can not get enough. For instance, reality television shows are very popular and give the audience a sense of drama in their own lives. The television show The Walking Dead is filled with drama and suspense. This show is one of the most popular shows in the world. Characters get into relationships, fight, kill zombies, and many times die. People enjoy watching the drama and getting an escape. It is just one of hundreds of shows on TV that are drama filled. These forms of entertainment give people something to talk about when they feel their life is too boring.

In addition, many times fighting is present in movies, TV, internet, and video games. Fighting excites people and many enjoy it. Drama causes fighting which leads to more drama. People watch fights and sometimes participate in fighting. For instance, many people watching WWE wrestling and MMA fighting. WWE wrestling is very dramatic and has a character plot. Wrestlers get in the wrestling ring to argue. People create enemies which causes more drama and fighting for themselves and others. Everyday people argue and gossip on the internet over ridiculous reasons. Those who are involved in any type of fighting get an adrenaline rush from the drama. Therefore, they keep doing it because they like the feeling.

Often people do things that go against their morals because they are unconsciously tired of their uninteresting lives. Rather consciously or unconsciously, they desire something different. They cheat, lie, and steal to get a thrill that they may typically not get when going to work every day for instance. Generally they want to get caught unknowingly so they are careless. These...

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