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Everybody's "FORTUNE" With all the magazines in the world today there are not that many that can help out an individual with certain aspects on investments. In Fortune, they help individuals and families with the knowledge needed to invest money the smart way. Fortune helps everyday people with informing them on new and useful information on investing in the stock markets and looking for very good jobs, also fortune gives insight on the major companies that influence today's economy. Fortune helps everyday people with informing them on new and useful information on investing in the stock markets. In Fortune, there are numerous articles dedicated to the investors of the world. As Julia Boorstin states in her article. "The Fed's interest rate cuts have wreaked havoc on the money market funds(144)." Julia Argues that, "The fed's 11 interest rate cuts may have helped prop up the stock market, but as any conservative investor knows, they're wreaking havoc on money market funds(144)." Julia is trying to argue that is it really worth all the interest rate cuts if it is going to have a backlashing effect on the countries money market? Julia is trying to help the people by informing them on how the interest rate cuts are effecting the money market in a terrible way, almost telling the people not to put there money into the money market. Another article which informs the people on the market is that of Janice Revell (142). Janice states "since Sept. 11, businesses have been racing to beef up coverage. at the same time, there's less of it available : the huge World Trade center payouts have shrunk the reserves of many insurance companies. that adds up to serious rate hikes. 'increases will range from large percentages to literally multiples of what was being charged a year ago,' says Bill Yankus, a managing director at investment firm Fox-Pitt Kelton(142)." Here Janice reveals that even the insurance companies are being effected by the slowing economy, Plus insurance compares have had no other choice but to raise prices. For these reasons Fortune helps everyday people with informing them on new and useful information on investing in the stock markets.Fortune helps everyday people with informing them on new and useful information on looking for very good jobs. These days finding a job with little education is hard, so finding a job for people with a high level of education is nearly impossible.Fortune helps people by showing them companies and corporations that are looking for new and useful people. Fortune also helps by showing them certain career moves that could put you in the millionaire status. As Ann Harrington states in her article (159). "Last year many of us lived in dread that the axman would come knocking at our cubicles. it was no idle threat: By the end of the year, 2.6 million more Americans were unemployed. But the blizzard of pink slips has obscured the good news that certain fields, like...

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