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In the mid 1940’s bullying still occurred it just was not involved in media as it is now. Today we have bullying all over the internet through phones and other devices of technology, back then technology did not exist bullying was done either in person or behind that persons back. People tend to think just because it was not known of back then that it did not happen. This is not the case, now it just happens more often. The reason it is heard about more is because of the stress level kids reach they commit suicide. Bullying in the world today is a lot more severe than it used to be; it affects children emotionally, and physically; this is compared to how bullying was showed in Lord of The ...view middle of the document...

I want my glasses.” Piggy was not the only person being bullied. Another child who was physically bullied was Percival. Percival was a young boy who was playing in the sand. Percival had his sand castle built and then Maurice and Rodger came over and kicked it down. Not only did they kick it down Maurice then proceeded to turn around and kick sand in Percival’s eyes “Maurice follows laughing away adding to the destruction kicking sand in Percival’s eyes”.
Effects of bullying can last a life time just because the incident occurs when someone is a child do not mean the memory or the pain is not there when the child gets older. People are always left mentally and physically damaged from bullying. Children get bullied that leave physical scars from being in fights and pushed on the ground. This also could develop anxiety in the children. Another effect is depression which is seen a lot in children. When children develop depression they start to question what is wrong and why they are here. This often leads to self-harm in children such as cutting and suicide which is seen a lot now days in teens In Lord of The Flies Piggy suffers from physical scars when he is pushed down by jack and the others to for his glasses “Piggy’s glasses” just so they could start a fire. The kids trampled him, stomped on him and left Piggy lying on the ground with cuts all over him. Mental health is also a major thing affected when being bullied. Children lose self-esteem every time they are bullied; no matter how they are bullied they lose confidence in who they are and who they can trust. Victims of bullies lose social skills which causes...

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