Everyday Life During The Elizabethan Era

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Today world is so different from the Elizabethan Era even though that era has so much impact on the world today. The Elizabethan Era really show the difference between the rich and poor, and because of that many roles that was important in their life during this era is not so important today. This paper contains information about people everyday life in the Elizabethan Era.
However during this era the variety of housing types that were available in this era depended upon whether you were rich or poor. Therefore the richer lived better and just were more relaxed than the poor. Huts and timber wood houses were the only option the lower class had so in that case they were cold and overcrowded. Since mainly during this time everything was depending on if you were rich or poor it took a big effect on how they lived and survived. So in addition to that the food that the poor really ate was vegetables and just a little fruits, but yet the upper class ate only a few fresh fruit the rich also drank ale and wine when the lower class only could get just a little ale and had to mainly drink water when the water wasn’t clean. Since food varied according to the season there was no way for them to freeze there food. So they mainly had to kill their food during the fall right before winter.
Furthermore normally for you to have a good paying job you would have to have an education, but during this era only boys could go to school and you couldn’t be no lower than middle class to get an education. The lesson that was given was really only English and their books and pamphlets were old and cheap. Work was available to men and some women during this time, there were jobs in the castle, working in gardens, sewers, cook, and Knights (that would fight for the queen) and many other jobs and occupations. The people that had jobs made small earning. They were giving pennies as earning. The more pennies make a better the living.
The entertainment that they had...

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