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The opening scene is of the messenger, who presents the tone of the play, starting off with a funeral. Hoping that the audience pays attention to the story about death. God enters once the messenger exits, speaking about how he sacrificed everything for men, but all they show in return is selfishness. Every man is so encompassed in his own life and fulfilling his own greedy desires that they lose sight of what’s true. He also says that without him, men would truly be beasts walking among each other. He then calls in death for those not living with fear because of their worldly riches. Death is tasked with finding all of the sinning, unholy men who are disobeying God’s will. Specifying that they will be condemned to hell for their actions. Death meets the Everyman he’s looking for, which is the embodiment of every man, and he tells death to postpone his death for a while by offering money. Death tells him he only wants to serve his purpose, which is to obey God and send people to him. The man does not want to die just yet, he wants time to prepare so he can get into heaven, but death tells him there is no time. He must make the pilgrimage then...

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