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Everyone Should Have Equal Access To Education

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Education is the most important thing in a persons life especially in a child’s life. Many things can get in the way of a child’s educational future and many people have their own opinion or theories on how well educated children come about. The cold hard truth is that upperclass parents do have more educated children, but the reasons for it are very statistical and vary. Wealthier parents tend to have more educated children not just because of their ability to provide more educational resources but because of their social environment, educational background, and how they raise their children. All children should have an equal chance at a great education not just the rich. Many other leading factors are supportive in the answer as to why this is, such as, environmental effects, social standings, school, home, and peer motivation.
When a child is born they are in awe of everything they see, experience, and hear. If your child has grown into a home that is from poverty chances are that the child will be increasingly different then one raised from a wealthy family. For example, if you take pride in teaching your child or if you just let you child learn on their own or at school. Studies show that speaking to your child from birth increases their vocabulary and ability to say things, thus, growing smarter. A study from Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. of The Baby Center (2013) was done of everyday talk between 42 parents and their babies Dewar’s results:
“Babies from professional families heard an average of 2,100 words per hour. Babies from working class families heard an average of 1,200 words per hour. Babies with parents on public assistance heard an average of 600 words per hour…Put another way, kids from the highest rung of the socioeconomic ladder were hearing 3.5 times as many words as kids from the lowest. By the time he was three years old, a child from a professional family would have heard 30 million more words than had a child on welfare.”
Dewar’s research shows that the more you speak to your children the more advanced they will become and the higher their chances for academic achievements will be. Anneli Rufus of The Daily Beast (2007) has done a similar study also, her results, “Children in welfare- recipient families hear nearly four times fewer words per year than children in professional-class families…welfare-recipient children know 500 words by age 3, compared with 750 and 1,100 in the other groups.” Rufus and Dewar research of everyday talk between child and parent are very similar with results and both conclude that the bigger the child’s vocabulary is the more educated the child will become, and the more opportunities the child will have. You don’t have to be rich to speak to you child or read them books, so i don't understand why it is that these are the results of studies.

“Smart parents make more money and pass those good genes on to their offspring.” Those are the famous words of Greg Mankiw, a professor at...

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