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Everyone Should Have Access To Higher Education

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College stresses a person to use his or her critical thinking skills and it’s key that he or she use it without the cost. Without a person’s critical thinking skills they could not get through every day. Critical thinking is an important tool for humans to master. College works on that skill so that when the students graduate from there, they can use those skills to make more educated and responsible decision. Not everyone would have the chance to work on their critical thinking skills if college has a price. As humans we want to advance in our lives knowing and experiencing all the possibilities that life has to offer. College is among those possibilities. Every human should be able to go to one, whether they are financially tight or not. To prohibit someone from going just isn’t fair nor is it right.
Everyone would be equally able to get an education without judgment of who a particular person is. The US would like to think that it has moved on from racial discrimination, but it is still present. A cost free education would be the one thing that every person in the US has the privilege of partaking in. No one could judge another by their race and prevent them from a higher education. “With free higher education, people have the ability to improve their own future utility, irrespective of their present economic standing” (“This House Believes University Education Should Be Free” 3). All cultures and ethnicities would be able to have a better future and not worry about the cost of higher education because it would be free. They could find their place in society and not be judged because they got the same education everyone else had (“This House Believes University Education Should Be Free” 1). Higher education is too costly to be in most people’s interest.
There are so many intelligent people out there and they may not be in the best financial place but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the chance to attend higher education. “To prevent one mind from expressing the brilliance it holds would be a great loss to the progress the nation is still making to address cultural, social, and economic issues. Opening up free education to all would also increase the numbers of skilled/professional workers desperately needed to tend to the exponentially growing population” (“Should Higher Free Education Should Be Offered to All for Free?” 44). Every person can make a difference in the world. There is no place for judgment against others. Everyone is one in the same. There should be no judgment against a person who is of a different race. Instead, they should be welcomed and given an equal opportunity to get a higher education. People that come from poorer places will have a very hard time paying for colleges, if they can at all that is. It would provide an equal opportunity to all citizens who want a higher education. This would encourage and promote social equality as well. Free higher education would promote social equality in the US.
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