Everyone Has A Right To Choose Euthanasia

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Everyone Has a Right to Choose Euthanasia

Everybody faces death eventually. While some people abhor the impending experience, others may await it excitedly. Regardless of one's expectations, most people do not wish for a painful end. If a situation arises where one must make a decision concerning approaching death or the death of loved ones, most people would hope for the least possible suffering. While a decision like this is extremely difficult to make, many people choose death as opposed to living in agony. However, others think that euthanasia is reprehensible no matter what the circumstances are. Author Cheryl Eckstein believes, "Killing in the name of compassion and mercy is wrong" ("Can there ever", par. 9). Homicide and suicide are generally not considered fair or sensible, but sometimes, however, they are carried out as acts of kindness and love. Thus, in certain situations, euthanasia may not be morally wrong.

Eckstein states, "No person is entitled to have death inflicted upon him" ("Can There Ever", par. 11). However, if a person chooses death in order to prevent prolonged pain and misery, it is being self inflicted, and should not be denied in certain situations. People facing death should have a say in what happens to them. If a person is not physically or mentally able to make this decision, it seems most considerate that their loved ones should be able to aid in this process. If someone's remaining days are being spent in agony, shouldn't others attempt to fulfill their last wishes? On the other hand, Colleen McCullough says, "While there's life, there's hope" (Why I Oppose, par. 15). However, a drastically ailing being who is forced to keep living undesirably probably has limited hope. The hope they still have may only be in the wishes of terminating their painful existence. Robert C. Pankraz and Richard M. Welsh agree that society thinks, ...life with low quality is not worth living (Christian Response Pt 2, par. 3). While many people are not satisfied with their everyday lives, that is no reason for their lives to end. However, if someone has no possible means of recovery, low quality of life is not the issue. In a matter of extreme pain, alleviation is the answer.


Many argue that people do not have the right to purposely end lives because that is out of human domain. Only those few people who have living wills at the time of their death are able to decide beforehand if they choose to live or die when in a position in which they are unable to decide for themselves. McCullough thinks that we should not end others lives because we would be controlling nature ("Why I Oppose", par. 13). However, by keeping people plugged in to life support systems and various machinery, we are controlling death. This power of modern medicine and technology is keeping people alive, while competing with nature. According to Derek Humphry, "The argument by the pro-life lobby that food is a gift from God, no matter how it is...

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