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Everyone Is Equal? The World Is Fair?

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The older I get, the harder it is to believe how much I have changed from being but a child, to a growing adult. The simplicity of a child has slowly been covered up by a course white material, blocking me out from the little things, like not having all the toys I wanted while growing up. Things like knowing the falsehood of the notion that you can be whatever you want, when you grow up. Things like that every man is created equal. To be truthful, myself, and many other children came into the world believing that the world was a fair place, which it is not, but that is all right... now.Now days, not everyone can become whatever they want, but that was always the truth in the past. Men wanted to be kings, to rule over subjects with an iron fist, or possibly with the soft compassion of gossamer silk. With the kingdoms gone, and we turn to this day and age, we find more and more people trying to be CEO's, and the Boss, but sometimes that is out of the cards for people. Certain people do not have the qualifications to do so, whether it is having a degree from school, having the money to put where your mouth is, or simply being able to talk, and get people to be inspired to do what you ask them to do. He, who has the silver tongue, makes the rules.The thought that every man is created is created equal, is once again false. Children are brought into the world, with defects from missing limbs, to missing an actual mind up there. Some simply are unable to do things, like walk, or talk. The mentally weak can lose their right to vote, as red tape tries to tie them up, so that they can never be seen again. Some simply have a faster moving mind, which will excel them into doing whatever job they want. There are creeds, or races that hold people back, because they are different, and this apparently inferior. Some do not grow up with money, and because of that, it does not matter how hard they try, and some of them are never able to make something out of themselves in the real world. I am not going to complain about this fact, because it could not change the world. People are stuck in their ways.The simple notion that everyone is created equal, puts into thought that everyone should be treated the same. Well, that idea is pretty flawed there, and I will tell you why. It does not help you out personally -- nor society --...

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