Everyone Must Take Responsibility Essay

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Everyone must take responsibility

The American education system is heavily under pressure. The Globalisation has changed the American society dramatically. Throughout the last decades many, especially low-skilled jobs, have been outsourced to foreign countries. Many low-skilled American workers are simply no longer able to compete with the cheap labour in foreign countries such as China or Bangladesh. As a consequence of the increasing globalisation, the American society has throughout the last decades increasingly focused on education. Even though the American politicians and the society as a whole are aware of the importance of education, the American education system is facing a lot of ...view middle of the document...

Many of them don’t know whether they are good at writing, maths, physics, or something more practical as for example to work with wood in the woodwork classes, before they’ve tried it. In extension to this should the American youth also start to realize that education is not just about sitting in a school and listen to teachers. Education can be so much more. Additionally should they also be told that academic and more practical jobs are equally important for the society.

Even though the American youth first of all should acquire skills for their own sake, are they nevertheless to a great extent responsible for the future of the US. On the other hand should it always be clear that the whole thing about education and requiring skills not just is about maintaining the position of the US as an economic superpower. The American society doesn’t need economic growth and a better-educated youth just for the sake of it. It needs a well-educated youth because the skills and knowledge they acquire in the lessons might help to cure deadly diseases such as AIDS or Cancer. In Addition could critical thinking acquired by education in the long run probably help to fight social challenges such as poverty, crime or homelessness. When it comes to economic growth is it not just to make certain people rich. That’s not a problem at all, as long as everyone is better of, jobs are being created, and the society is able to take care of them who are in need.

On the other hand shall the American youth not lift the burden alone. Parents, teachers, government, businesses and the young people themselves have to cooperate. Parents must motivate their children to become eager for knowledge, teachers must try to get the best out of each pupil. The Government should create a more flexible education system...

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