Everyone Needs Dietary Supplements Essay

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Everyone Needs Health Supplements

    Some people may say, "why bother with health supplements?"  Some people today would like to believe that all we have to do to keep ourselves healthy is to eat a proper diet.  That's where the problem lies.  The question I propose is, "What is a proper diet, and how do you go about getting it into your system?"  Some would say, "Well by eating healthy food."  There's another problem. What is healthy food and where do you find it?  You won't find it at your local grocery store as you will soon find out.  Others might say, "We have a garden where we grow our food."  That's a start, and it also tells me that you are already aware of the fact that there is a need for a more nutritional food supply.  Home gardening is good but it's a lot of work and the average person just doesn't have the time and probably the energy to go that route!  Someone might say, "What about buying organic produce at the grocery store?"  That is a good idea, but here are a few things to consider.  First of all, this kind of food is usually very expensive, and your choices of foods are limited.  Your menu may become quite boring after awhile.  Also, there is the matter of freshness, which I will go into more detail later in this essay. This is where food supplements come in.  The supplements I will be talking about are one, those made from high quality produce and two,  herbal supplements.  I am not going to talk about chemical supplements.  I personally feel that they are not of much value. Briefly, I will tell you why.  Chemical supplements only serve to maintain your body's needs.  They're like a quick fix. Where as natural supplements not only maintain your body but gives it the ability to build itself up.


    This is why I have come to believe that natural supplements are necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I know this not just from reading about this issue, or listening about people talk about this issue but from my own experience.  I know what it is like to feel emotionally and physically tired, although I was eating what some consider a well-balanced diet.  I was eating all the right foods. However, I found out that I was not able to get all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that an individual needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Why is that?  I would have to consume large amounts of food  to meet the nutritional requirements of my body.  Why do I say this?  Let me tell you why.


    First of all, there is the issue of the nutritional value in the food we eat, or should I say the lack of nutritional value in the food we eat.  There is much evidence available today that clearly states that the food sources we have are highly deficient in nutritional value.


 For a long time the scientific community made light of health supplements.  This is no longer true.  The American Medical Association and also the Federal Drug Administration are now...

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