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Everyone goes through different experiences when dealing with the passing of a loved one. Dealing with the loss of a close friend or family member can be one of the hardest challenges that an individual can face. Everyone reacts differently to death and each individual has their own unique way coping with death.
On Wednesday November 8th I interviewed my best friend Amanda and asked her a series of questions. I asked Amanda about all of her experiences with death, she had two deaths that impacted her life the most. Out of the two we chose the death that she believes impacts her health until this day. The death we discussed during the interview was the death of her grandmother Janet. Janet was an amazing hardworking woman according to her granddaughter Amanda. Throughout the years Amanda and Janet had an amazing relationship, considering she is Janet’s only grandchild. Amanda and Janet were so close to each other, but although they were so close Amanda never knew that her grandmother was dying of lung cancer.
When Amanda was nine her grandmother died, but Amanda did not find out until she was ten. When Amanda realized she hadn’t seen her grandmother in a while she started to ask her parents questions pertaining to the location of her grandmother. Amanda’s parents would say things like “grandmas on vacation”, “grandmas in a better place” and that made Amanda have hope that her grandmother would return soon. When Amanda stated what her parents would tell her I automatically connected those statements with Michael R Leming, Growing up with death/growing old with death. Understanding dying, death & bereavement (pg. 99-101).In this chapter it discusses how individuals should explain death. When explaining death to children you should be honest and straight forward, you should always avoid euphemisms. Amanda’s parents and family members filled her had with euphemisms so much to the point where she thought her grandmother was on a luxurious vacation without her. Amanda told me how she would stay up day and night waiting for her grandmother to come through her front door for months. Finally on her grandmothers one year death anniversary Amanda attended a memorial service for her grandmother and then she figured out her grandmother was gone for good.
After the first ten questions this...

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