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Everyone’s Got Talent Let’s Think In And Out Of The Box! Edina Hadziahmetovic

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In The Sweet Spot (The Talent Code, Chapter 1, New York: Bantam, 2009. 11-29) Daniel Coyle argues that everyone can develop his or her talent through what he calls “deep practice” and eventually “finding the sweet spot”. By making mistakes we improve our skills and reach the stage of expertise, suggests Coyle.

Starting from the Darwin thesis that “small, isolated places magnify larger patterns and forces” (3), over the period of fourteen months Coyle visited nine places; “talent hotbeds” (12); which on the surface have nothing in common. Looking for some patterns Coyle finds out that these places have a common denominator of being “small, humble, and titanically accomplished” (11). ...view middle of the document...

”(25) Excited what he saw in Brazil and upon his return to Leeds, England, Clifford established a futsal programme for kids. Coyle explains that Clifford was running the experiment in order to see whether Brazilian futsal skills could take roots in a country that hardly can be described as having conventional factors for soccer talents. Though many laughed at Clifford, four years later Clifford’s team defeated Scottish national junior team. Clifford model of Brazilian Soccer School is now expanded to dozen countries over the world, concludes Coyle.

Another example to support his theory Coyle provides in Edwin Link’s Unusual Device and takes his readers to 1934 when U.S. Army Air Corps pilots were dying in crashes due to bad weather while trying to deliver the U.S mail. Investigation showed that their training was inadequate and solution, which reduced pilots deaths significantly, came from Edwin Link, a tinkerer and a pilot, who constructed a pilot trainer, a predecessor of today’s flying simulators. For years this invention was good only for amusement parks. “Link’s trainer permitted pilots to practise more deeply, to stop, struggle, make errors, and learn from them.” (24)

Coyle’s skilfully written article “The Sweet Spot” suggests that talent is not something we are born with but rather something we develop through deep practice. It is wonderful to believe that everyone has got talent and this article definitely has a strong motivational message.

However, many people pose the question: “What’s that I am good at? What is my talent? And this is the most evident limitation of Coyle’s...

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