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Everyone's Story Begins With A Teacher

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William Butler Yeats explains that “[e]ducation is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire” (qtd. in Goldman 23). Within every person’s life there has been someone who has guided them in some way. A teacher comes in many forms: from being a school educator to a parent trying to protect their children from danger. A high school business teacher may be a great influence towards students who possibly wish to become businesses professionals in their futures.
In becoming a high school business teacher one must be aware of how to become such a teacher. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, traditionally, one goes through the four year college plan and receive their Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Every state requires teachers to have this degree and the majority of states require the teachers to have majored in the subject area. Individuals wishing to become educators usually enroll in teacher preparation programs which include but aren’t limited to classes about education and child psychology (“High”).
To become a teacher, they not only have to attend their college classes, they are required to take internships to become more acquainted with their field. Through this internship, future teacher’s go through student training where they experience what it is like to be in the classroom. The Occupational Outlook Handbook addresses that within these programs student teachers must: observe certified teachers in the specialty area of interest, receive mentoring from a certified teacher, and attend student teaching where they will receive their own class to experience fieldwork (“High”). After the training program, student teachers must take and pass a certification exam which will be on the subject and grade level that the student has been working toward, which will then lead into the preparation towards the state issued certification that all teachers must receive.
Furthermore, prior to being hired to any district, a criminal background check must be run. According to the Texas Education Agency, “[a]ll first-time applicants … must be fingerprinted as part of [the] national criminal background check” (“Becoming”). Through this background check, the employer will verify that the applicant’s information is correct and that they have not been involved in any form of felony or convicted of any crimes.
From here on the amount of responsibility grows substantially. It is not only their future they are enhancing, it is the futures of others. Teachers are greatly underestimated in society. Tom Allon in his article “Why Become a Teacher” points out that teachers are “looked down upon by [there] peers … [and] evaluated and publicly ranked by a convoluted system” (13). Through an interview with Bertha Mireles, the head business teacher at Santa Rosa High School, she explains that teachers must have four important qualities: good time management, good communication, responsibility, and patience.
First and foremost, good time management can be helpful...

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