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Everyone Should Care About The Environment

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While walking through the park last Sunday, I observed a shocking scene. There were two cans: one for recycling and one for trash. The recycling receptacle had only an empty Dr. Pepper can and a few used Ozarka water bottles. On the other hand, the trash can had a plethora of half eaten meals, wrappers, banana peels and disgustingly even bottles, cans, newspapers and plastics that could have been recycled. Because people do not understand or do not care to understand about conserving our resources, many reusable items are being put in landfills when recycling these items could help save the environment. People should know the negative impact of throwing away a water bottle or newspaper, purchasing meat from the grocery store or consuming gasoline has on the environment, and many do not. By informing society about how their decisions affect the environment, we can help save our planet and change our attitude toward the land we live on, the water we drink and the air we breathe” and truly show respect for the stuff that we depend on.

The United States produces “about 8.25 billion tons of solid wastes each year” (Russell 1). People do not realize the impact they have on our planet and environment. When people throw anything in the trashcan, they are contributing to the destruction of our planet. The number landfills in the United States are decreasing, but the amount and volume of waste being thrown into the new landfills is increasing (Russell 4). Because of this escalating amount of garbage, Methane which contributes to global warming is an outcome of these landfills (Russell 7). As a result, our planet is suffering because of this epidemic. The garbage being put in the landfills could be recycled, but not enough businesses, schools and cities are promoting the “going green” trend. There are programs being implemented, but people are not taking advantage of using these recycling programs. Because of this lack of inspiration, the landfills are still growing and recycling is not as effective as it could be.

When shopping at the grocery store, most people do not recognize how foods reach the shelves of the grocery store and what goes into those foods. The ever-increasing amount of consumers of meat and grains in the United States has caused us to rely on pesticides to multiply the amount of food we can generate. "Going green" is not just recycling, it is "eating green" too. The farmers of these foods place pesticides in their feed which cause cows, chickens and other animals by which we obtain our foods to grow at an abnormal rate. When these farmers place pesticides into this feed, they are placing harmful pesticides into our foods which we eat. In order to maintain the United States’ demand for food, farmers and their cattle are taking over land to make room for production which destroys our environment and our planet. As a result of our eating habits, farmers will continue this pattern of pesticides and devastation until Americans...

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