Everyone Wants To Be Irish On St. Patrick's Day

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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology"Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick's Day."It is always interesting to experience something new and different in life, whether this may be something completely opposite of what you are used to, or something that varies only by a little. With the world being so large, and the amount of people even larger, the number of cultures worldwide amazes anyone that comes into contact with it. Many of us find ourselves in a completely new world, so much unlike ours when with people of different culture, however, a new experience in a culture not like one’s own can become of the greatest learning and entertainment experiences. An event that I recently went to was the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston, MA.The St. Patrick’s Day Parade is an annual event that is held in many states, cities, and towns nationwide. This holiday celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints in Ireland. Because of the heritage, many people that participate in the parade are of Irish descent, but over the years more and more newcomers have joined the mainly Irish crowd in celebrating this fun holiday. My friends and I, along with the Honors College students at Pace University visited the parade in Boston this year, and it is safe to say that the celebration of this holiday didn’t leave anyone out. Part of the holiday’s traditions are wearing green items of clothing, eating Irish food, drinking lots of Irish liquor and attending the parade, that is held all over Ireland as well as in other countries, like the United States.Considering the fact that all of my friends and I are of pure Russian-Jewish descent, we decided to see what the talk was all about, and joined the hundreds of...

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