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Everyones Entitled To An Opinion Essay

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion

Education is a universal accepted idea that promotes success. We all agree that an education is ideal for each individual as it promotes cognitive growth in all aspects. Growth in the economy, medicine research and a reduced crime rate can all be contributed to having an education. There is a general understanding of how greatly beneficial education is to society. However with every great thing there are different opinions. There are many different variables that pertain in education. Specifically, there are different types of schools which have different structures and also different content. There are various concepts as to what a K through 12 curriculums should include. Each region in the world has similarities in the core foundation such as sciences, mathematics, and a language. The differences that vary across the globe include integrating classes such as religion, history, and social studies. Once identifying the differences we are able to explore the impact on the student’s outcome and the benefits or drawbacks of adding these classes.
Grade school usually starts out the same for all children around the world. We are taught to read and write in our native tongue and also basic comprehension and vocabulary. As our skills progress, we are then taught introductory mathematics and science concepts. With each year passing and our skills growing there are many differences that arise in schools curriculums. There are many different types of schools, often determined by region. Many various factors such as socioeconomic differences and also demographics influence the type of schools in each region.
The most notable differences are private schools and public state schools. These schools have contrasting curriculums. Private schools often stress the importance of focusing on each child and typically run in a uniform structure. Private schools tend to be religion based and also integrate religion into the curriculum as an added subject. State schools depending on region may be budget cut and lack resources and teachers. On the other hand some school districts are well endowed and their students perform quite well.
Comparing average private schools to average public schools, According to the National Center for Education Statistics, private school students scored significantly higher in Mathematics and reading. Dayton Daily News in Miami surveyed private schools and public schools in the region and found that Private school students performed better on college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT. The Dayton Daily News article discusses different correlations that lead to a student’s performance. The Private schools often were Religion based schools such as Catholic and Christian. It is noted in the Article “Many parents feel that teaching children that belief system at school provides a more comprehensive education.” (Kelley, 2013). The article discusses that there are many extrinsic reasons for a Childs...

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