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Everything About Fairness Essay

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University is a place with a variety of opportunities for students to fully reveal themselves. It is like a confirmation that they are ready for future life. All knowledge received during college years will be used to succeed in particular career. Much of the success in academic study in the United States will rest on the ability to understand, write, and speak English. In an effort to achieve these minimum requirements, universities are considering about the establishment of the standardized test for English language proficiency after two years of studying. To show competence in the English language prior to becoming juniors at UNLV, students should pass the same exam of English skills without reference to the first language.
According to UNLV executives, having such an exam will help to recognize students who are still not well prepared for taking other courses. Even though students will be required to pass the exam just with minimum score, they are expected to perform well on the exam. It will encourage students to make efforts in studying more diligently or take an extra English class. To prepare for an exam they can meet with tutor, visit Writing Center, or doing self-education . Specifically, taking an extra exam would help international student to demonstrate their progress in English skills for these two years.
A significant argument for establishing this exam is that students should have minimum proficient level for successful participation in the academic work with confidence and not falling behind just because of a lack of mastery in English. Since the primary language of instruction at UNLV is English, after second year of education both American and international students have the same subjects and professors without reference to knowledge base of English. Courses of the upper level division are aimed at specific lore; therefore, professors shouldn’t think if all students understand their lecture. Teachers must be concerned only about how well they teach the particular courses. To understand and succeed in these classes, undergraduates need to reach a proficient level of communication and writing skills. For instance, a lot of international students are receiving lower grades just because they cannot clearly express their ideas. If undergraduates pass the test of English proficiency, professors will adequately evaluate students knowledge of particular subject without consideration of language skills and appropriately assess the progress in learning.
Another important reason for the test of English proficiency is reflected in the evaluation of students' readiness to begin independent professional career. University cannot take the responsibility to give degrees to everybody who hardly can speak which impugn the fairness of accreditation of university. Now when the communication is the most important sphere of our lives it’s extremely important to have a sufficient English level. Its absence surely reflects on job opportunities....

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