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Seoul, South Korea
Weather and Climate
The climate of Seoul features a hot summer continental climate with a dry winter, and the temperature differences between the hottest part of summer and the depths of winter are extreme. Average temperatures in the summer are around 25C with an average high of 29C. Rainfall is concentrated in the months of July and August.
Food and Drink
Vegetarian options are easy to find throughout Seoul. Start here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g294197-c40-Seoul.html
Halal options are a little harder to find, as there are only around 40,000 native Muslims in the country (with another 100,000 workers from Muslim countries). Good places to start would be: ...view middle of the document...

Transport and Traffic
Seoul has a very clean, efficient and safe Metro. You can get to most places by riding it—it is the second most used metro transportation system in the world. Signs of stations and trains are in both English and Korean. The city also has a very efficient bus system.
See http://wikitravel.org/en/Seoul#Get_around for more information on getting around the city.
Security Concerns
Seoul is one of safest cities in the world (though Singapore is safer), and violent crime is very rare. Petty crime is also rather uncommon, though vigilance will still be helpful.
Emergency numbers: Police: 112; Fire brigade: 119; Travel information: 1330; City information: 120
Medical Concerns
Medical facilities in Seoul are of a high quality, and many of the hospitals have English-speaking staff.
Hospitals that have international staff that caters to the expat community include: Asan Medical Center (http://www.amc.seoul.kr/eng/ailse/main.do) ; Cha General Hospital - Foreign Clinic (http://kangnam.chamc.co.kr/ic/); Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital (http://eng.hallym.or.kr/ptp105b.asp); Seoul St. Mary's Hospital (http://www.cmcseoul.or.kr/global/eng/front); Seoul National University Hospital - International Healthcare Service (http://www.snuh.org/english/ihc/ihc01/sub01/)

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