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Everything Changes Essay

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Everything everywhere is constantly changing. People change, weather changes, plans change, everything changes; you can’t escape change. Two movies that really illustrate the concept of change are Pleasantville and Back to the Future. In both of these movies, the main characters – Marty, David, and Jennifer – are sent back into the times of the 1950s and are faced with a world completely different from their own. In Pleasantville, David and Jennifer get stuck in David’s favourite television show, Pleasantville, as the characters Bud and Mary Sue. Jennifer seems to want to stir things up, creating change throughout Pleasantville, causing things to turn to colour, while David is doing all ...view middle of the document...

However, Marty takes this comment as a challenge and says “well, history in going to change,” foreshadowing the events soon to come. Marty’s parents, George and Lorraine, aren’t very well put together, and that resulted in a rather dysfunctional family. George has been a pushover his entire life and has never been able to stand up for himself. Neither of his parents never seem to doing anything about the things that bother them in life. For example, George could stand up to his boss and lifetime bully, Biff, but he doesn’t. Lorraine, who seems very unhappy with how her life turned out, could leave George, but she doesn’t. They just don’t really seem to know how to do things for themselves and stand up for what they believe in. Marty, on the other hand, appears to be quite the risk-taker. Marty is quite the opposite of David from Pleasantville. David is very shy and keeps to himself. While David is a bit of an outsider at school, his sister, Jennifer, is happily and promiscuously making her way up the social ladder – her popularity appears to be the only thing she lives for. Their family, too, is not the “ideal family,” with their parents divorced and siblings who don’t always get along.
All of the characters change immensely while in the 1950s. While in the 1950s, Marty, David, and Jennifer all learn so much and teach others a great deal as well. Both Marty and Jennifer tend to change things in the 1950s. Marty accidently runs into his parents, causing him a big mess to clean up, and Jennifer intentionally creates change throughout Pleasantville, because she believes Pleasantville is boring. Meanwhile Doc, from Back to the Future, continues to tell Marty not to mess with anything because it could mess with the future; it’s bad to tamper with time. David is like Doc and doesn’t want to tamper with the perfectness of Pleasantville.
The ending results of the changes that happened all through these movies are somewhat similar. Unfortunately, the family of David and Jennifer remains how it was. Fortunately, the McFlys turn out to be, essentially, America’s “ideal family.” While back in time, Marty fixed the mess he made between himself and his seventeen-year-old parents. One could almost say that Marty’s principal is to Marty, as Marty is to his father; Marty’s principal is frustrated that Marty slacks off and doesn’t apply himself, just as Marty is frustrated that George doesn’t apply himself and stand up for what he believes in. Marty taught George how to stand up for himself and that “if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” Because of this, George stood up to Biff and got the girl of his dreams, Lorraine. Although, George and Lorraine were together to begin with, Marty caused Lorraine to fall in love with George a better way than the first – Lorraine’s father hit George with his car, the “Florence Nightingale Effect.” The changes George and Lorraine went through resulted in a much happier, loving family...

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