Everything Is Tumbling Down Essay

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Everything is tumbling down. It was never supposed to be like this, all I did was tell the truth. Oh crap, do I have to fill out an address change? Well of course I do but how. Driving to the house I had called home for four years was almost surreal. Nothing was the same, and little things stuck out with stark contrast. I caught myself wondering when that sign had changed into an advertisement for Busch’s chicken.
“Hey, are you ready to do this?” My teacher was next to me in the car. Nine months pregnant, her stomach rubbed against the steering wheel and make me think again about her due date. It was coming soon. Slayton Reese was the name she had chosen and it had a nice ring to it. Mrs. Fisher’s due date was the same day of graduation and we all liked to joke about what letter of the alphabet they would be on when she went into labor. I said J. “Alyce hun, Officer Ivy will be with you the whole time.” Snapping back to the present I remembered why I was here. To get all my things, which seemed to be in trashbags on the porch. I knew she couldn’t help me, she was about to have a baby. Besides, I could never forgive myself if she hit Mrs. Fisher. It was one thing to hit me, but not my favorite teacher.
She had done so much for me it was unbelievable. When she sat me down and asked about the bruises, I finally stopped about how they had gotten there. I had cried and told her everything. Once I started I couldn’t stop, it all just fell out of me. She had to report it and I understood that, what I had yet to understand was just how much she cared about me.
With a sigh, I clambered out of the car and tried to prepare myself. But nothing could prepare me for that fury. My foster mom saw the lights of the car and came barreling out of the house. Her rage was unsurpassed. I had seen her angry and I had seen her drunk, but this was a whole new level of anger. I had broken the cardinal rule and spoken about what went on behind closed doors. Steeling myself for the worst I went to grab the first bag.
Officer Ivy was there to witness the true ‘mother’ she had been, he was shocked I could tell. He was...

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