Everything's Bigger In Russia Essay

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Everything’s bigger in Russia
Russia is a well-known country in northern Eurasia with distinct features. It has an expansive background with a rich history and extensive land area. This thoroughness can be viewed in various ways because this country is very versatile. Russia, in northern Eurasia is a vast country. This is evident physically, culturally, and economically.
One of the most prominent features of Russia is its gigantic and varied landscape; this makes it the largest country in the world. This immense landscape covers 11 time zones, borders 2 oceans and 14 other countries. Its land area stretches 6.6 million square miles and extends across parts of two different continents, Asia ...view middle of the document...

More than 100 distinct ethnic groups are present in this nation, although ‘Russians’ dominate the scene. According to 2010 VCIOM survey results, a bounteous number of religions are present in the land with 75% of religious Russians belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church and 81% speaking Russian. Islam is professed by about 10% and Atheists cover 8% of the country’s population and are a larger group because of the communist revolution in 1919 which forcibly closed down all churches, killed the priests and destroyed religion by tactics of terror. Other religions dominate 1% or less of the population just like how various republics have their own language like Tatar, an official language in Tatarstan spoken by more than 3% of the country. The overwhelming ethnically diverse background has led to conflict in past situations, however the bountiful cultural convergence is key in the history of heterogeneous, immense Russia.
Lastly, economically, Russia is a leading powerhouse of a mixture of diverse resources as it is the 8th largest economy in the world by nominal value. According to the World Factbook, Russia became the world’s largest oil producer and the second largest natural gas producer in 2011. Although it is a leading producer in natural resources, Russia also is a top exporter of metals and more, which have helped it develop its strong, stable economy. Although Russia has had a setback since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the widespread variety of resources has...

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