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In Flannery O’ Conner’s short story “Everything that Rises Must Converge” is focused on two main characters Julian and his mother, there is also Carver, Carvers mother, a well-dressed African man and another white woman these four characters are very important in this story because are significant to the point that Flannery O’ Conner is trying to make throughout this story.
Julian’s mother is a to be an older white lady that goes to the YMCA to lose some weight, but at the same time is all about where her status is at. She would like to think that she is very important person, she wears her hat and gloves to go to the Y to work out and she wants her son to maintain a certain look of being a well-off person otherwise she thinks he is a “thug” for not being proper at all times. She is also a self-absorbed person, in the first page all she can talk about is her and that hat she just bought. Going back and forth on if she should keep it or not, it’s almost as if she needs her son to say that this hat looks good on her, and even after he tells her the hat looks fine she goes on to have everything be about her and “knowing who she is.” Flannery O’ Conner never really gives Julian’s mother a name, however it is very obvious that is thinks that she is above colored people and a racist, “She would not ride the buses by herself at night since they had been integrated.” (PG.1) Being brought up in the time period that she did she completely believed that Africans are better off being slaves. She points out in page 5 that the only reason she will not ride the bus by herself is because an African person was able to sit somewhat close to her and her narrow mindedness thinks that this is unfair in a sense. Julian’s mother thinks so high of herself that she was able to afford and enjoy this new hat that she had just bought that there is no way she would ever see it on that of an African American. However the moment she see that this African women has the same hat on as she does, it’s like she something to prove not only to herself to but to everyone else as well. The whole ride from the time she sees this lady wearing the same hat as her she had to find a way to downgrade her, she gets the little boys attention “Here’s a bright new penny for you,” this was meant to be away that Julian’s mother could show how superior is over this African lady. But with her plain back firing on her, means the little boy’s mother wouldn’t allow him to take her money.
Julian this nice laid back college graduate. He went to school to become a writer, however at the moment he is unable to find any jobs that have to deal with writing so at the moment he is working a shop that sales typewriters. Julian at the beginning of the story is almost annoyed with is mother that he is being forced to go with her to her YMCA class to help her with losing weight, and that she can’t make up her mind on if she should wear her new hat or even keep it for that matter. Julian is also a loner he doesn’t...

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