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Everything Will Eventually Fall Essay

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Everything Will Eventually Fall Ian Malcom, one of the most famous mathematicians who is openly interested in "how the real world works" believes and works with the chaos theory, which states that everything will eventually fall and lose control. In Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, John Hammond a billionaire developed "the most advanced amusement park in the world" by cloning the latest in electronic and biological technologies. He contracts a scientist who cloned and created life forms. In addition, Crichton imperils the characters in risky situations to demonstrate why people should believe in the chaos theory, when genetically cloning dinosaurs because the scientists are unable to predict the control of living organisms when they know they cannot manipulate wild animals that were extinct and have no backgroud understanding about the species. Crichton reveals the characters completely to his reader to show conflicts of cover up, denial, lies vs. truth, reality, and discovery, intermits order vs. chaos, and demonstrates old vs. new. As a result, Ian Malcom's theory makes sense when the amusement park loses control. For example, when Ed Regis takes the construction worker to the hospital and explains to Dr. Carter, the worker was injured in a construction accident then Dr.Carter asked Regis what had happened to him? Regis responded, "construction accident, he fell.One of the backhoes ran over him"(3). Ed Regis implicates the island lost control because one construction worker got injured and a lie was used to explain the incident when everything was in good conditions. It also shows the lost of control because a construction worker was injured when in a safe environment. Another example, of losing is when the Bowman family goes to the beach, their daughter Tina goes off by herself when she sees a lizard emerge from the mangrove roots she notices that the lizard left three toed tracks, it was one foot tall, dark green with brown stripes along its back and then the lizard scrambled up her arm toward her face, and her parents "heard their daughter's voice. She was screaming "(15). The island lost control because these strange looking raptors are escaping and attacking innocent people, which would lead to uncontrollable animals in an island because no one is going to be taking her of them while they are attacking the innocent newborn babies. They lost control because without knowing the animals are escaping and destroying human beings in which the park will fall and lose control of the animals. Another example, is when Elena Morales was on the watch out of newborn babies she heard a chirping sound and went into the room to see "one lizard bent down and, with a quick shake of its head tore a ragged chunk of flesh from the baby"(26). The chaos theory demonstrates the downfall of control because the animals cannot be controlled and are attacking infants producing terror to the mothers who are overprotected of their babies. Also...

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