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Everything You Could Ever Need To Know About The United Kingdom

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In between the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea, off the coast of the northwestern coast of Europe, there is a landmass, called the United Kingdom. On top of this country about the size of Colorado, are many citizens, ethnicities, important people, lifestyles, a climate, cooking routines, a governing rule, and an economy. Back in "September 1620, a group of pilgrims sailed from England on the Mayflower. They traveled to America in search of religious freedom" (Time for Kids).The United Kingdom was created one country at a time, over five extended centuries. United Kingdom is an island of clusters, made up of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The official name is the United Kingdom of Great ...view middle of the document...

The UK has wonderful soil. "Seventy-seven percent of the land in Britain is used for agriculture; only 23 percent of this land is used to grow crops. Almost all of the rest is used as grazing land" (Encarta) In England, trees grow thickly. The UK imports majority of its natural resources from less expensive countries. The climate is normally mild, and rainy.There is a total populations of 60,270,708 people spread over an area of 94,251 square mile land mass (Dictionary). More than eighty percent of the population of the United Kingdom lives in England. The same percent of people drink tea every single day, almost 80 percent of the United Kingdom's population. The only thing more popular to drink in the United Kingdom is water, compared to tea. The United Kingdom is home magnificent rock bands, enormous authors, important landmarks in history, and royalty family associates. Each year in the United Kingdom, more people are born than the amount of people that die, and this has been going on since 1901; so the population has developed because of a natural change in the population. International migration also caused an increase in the population. Most of the people in Britain are white, but the second most popular ethnicity is the mixed group. Nine out of every ten people in the mixed group call themselves British."People from the white British group, were more likely to describe their national identity as English rather than British" (statistics). The majority of non-white groups were more likely to describe themselves as British. Approximately every one of the white British crowd were born in the United Kingdom. "Among all non-White ethnic groups the proportions born in the UK declined with age, for other non-White ethnic groups, this sharp decline occurred in younger age groups, reflecting their later immigration" (Statistics). In 1991 48.8 percent of the population was males, and 52.2 percent were females, most of the population lived in urban areas. Most of the population is between the ages15 to 29."The UK population goes to sleep around 11:15 PM and wakes up around 7:00 AM" (Sleep-Eval). So, normal people get about six hours and fifty minutes of sleep each night. Walk down the street of the United Kingdom and you will find that about one in seven people take regular naps, thankfully only about one percent of the population takes at least two naps on the identical day.Inside the United Kingdom, "Forty per cent of the sample reported snoring regularly and 3.8% reported breathing pauses during sleep" (Sleep-Elval). Oddly, one out of every eight people have trouble falling asleep each night, one out of five people have disrupted sleep every night, one out of every six people don't find sleep refreshing, and one in seven wake up too early in the morning. "Only one in 16 individuals has insomnia" (Sleep-Elval).The people have religious freedom to practice what they please. "The Christian religion is predominant virtually everywhere" (Reid)....

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