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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Recipes

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Ancho 1
“The Art and Science of Recipe Development”
Mililani Ancho and Luis Lising
Waipahu High School
February 14, 2014
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Table of Contents
Title Page Page 1
Introduction: What is a recipe? Page 3
What is a standardized recipe? Page 4
Components to a recipe Page 5
Phases of standardized recipes Page 7
Innovative Culinary Technique Page 8
Conclusion Page 9
Citations/References Page 10
Ancho 3
Mililani Ancho
“The Art and Science of Recipe Development”
Do you know what a recipe is? Who made the first recipe? When was the first recipe
made? Where was the first recipe made? Well, keep reading and you will find out.
The word recipe comes from the latin imperative of récipé. It means to take or to receive.
Recipe was actually a term for a doctors prescription to medicine. The first recipe ever ever was
in 10,000 BC. That time was when agriculture started to happened. As well as the first 2 things
was was ever made with a recipe was bread and bee. Those 2 things we’re the first to be
produced to a recipe. There are many recipes out there in the world. Anything can basically be
made (Fromage).
What a is a recipe? A recipe is not just written ingredients followed by measurements. A
recipe is a step by step process in detail that explains specifically the whole process in making a
certain dish, dessert, or any type of food in general. There are many types of recipes out there.
The recipe most commonly used are called standardized recipes. It is a recipe that stays
constant; constant as in the ingredients, preparation, moderation, cooking process stays the same.
The recipe is very important. It keeps the flavor of the dish consistent every time it is being
served. There are many recipes out there, basically a recipe for everything. Which comes hand in
hand with having a recipe for everything, as in you can learn how to make anything you want.
From wanting to make someone out of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, and even sheep. A recipe is all
you need for you to be able to produce the product you’re trying to make. Recipes are not only
Ancho 4
for main dishes but also desserts, pastries, cookies, soups, and even ice cream.
Recipes are important for repeating dishes over and over again. It helps the person
cooking understand the process, ingredients that is needed, tools and equipment to have
beforehand, the time that it will be cooking for, the temperature it should be cooking on, just
basic guidelines to know before cooking the actual dish.
A recipe is not just set of instructions to help you, but it is a guideline. Looking at a
recipe from different view aspect is very essential for the cooker. If a cooker is working in a
restaurant. The chef would most likely follow the recipe step by step, using the given ingredients,
and following the measurements. This will ensure the flavor of the end product to be consistent.
Recipe also comes down to the person cooking it. Each chef has their own perspective on
cooking dished. Some chefs are “heavy handed”, for...

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