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Evidence And Examples Of The Four Learning Outcomes

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ENG 3010 is an intermediate writing course that prepares students for reading, research, and writing. Students develop writing skills in their own discipline or professional communities by analyzing texts, evidence and writing conventions (Bell, 2014). Four course learning objectives provide a foundation in which by the end of the semester a final research paper is produced with a narrowed definitive focus on a particular subject. Each writing assignment is designed to develop a particular area of growth, how specific communities shape texts and functions, how writing and research creates knowledge, and how to analyzing a particular topic in your field of discipline or profession while ...view middle of the document...

I described to my audience the importance of radio-frequency identification through different rhetorical situations. Radio-Frequency Identification has made a positive aspect on people’s lives. Prior to writing the “Interview and Ethnography Assignment” I knew of my discourse community on a surface level. Through my observation and interview I learned about the different writing conventions that were used for specific audiences that the Applications Technical Department at Ford Motor Company used.
I have demonstrated that I have achieved Learning Outcome One between a presentation, a summary essay, and an observation and interview paper. One being a “Group Report In-Class Presentation” the other a “Summary Assignment”, and lastly an “Interview and Ethnography Assignment”. In the “Group Report In-Class Presentation” My objective was to describe a concept that was new to many called Radio-Frequency Identification. I described Radio-Frequency by using terminology that I felt my audience would understand. Using the Microsoft PowerPoint program I was able to use different styles of genres. I not only was able to use written communication I was able to use other conventions such as pictures to introduce the concept and its uses. In the “Summary Assignment” I learned how to read another authors works and analyze the content by evaluating what they have written. After my evaluation I was able to write a summary that assessed what I had read. The “Summary Assignment” is an annotated bibliography and the project required to read, summarize, and assess an article in your major of study. I chose to read an article entitled “An Ethical Exploration of Privacy and Radio-Frequency Identification” written by Alan R. Peslak. After reading the piece I was able to analyze the major concern that Peslak was persuading his audience with when I wrote “These three concepts historical, ethical and agency provide sufficient information to necessitate a need for legislation with regards to privacy rights of individuals” (McGee, Summary Assignment, 2014, p. 2). I was able to assess the information that Peslak provided to convince his audience that there is a privacy concern when I stated that “I agree with Peslak that there needs to be a set of guidelines or rules that go beyond self-regulatory before the implementation of the RFID tags are used as a tool for supply chain management” (McGee, Summary Assignment, 2014, p. 4).
The “Interview and Ethnography Assignment” further reinforced the objectives of Learning Outcome One as I was reading a group of people instead of an article, I was analyzing how the group interacted, and lastly I wrote an assessment of what I had observed. I interviewed Robin Knudson an Information Technology (IT) supervisor employed by Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan. I learned from Robin Knudson that his job requires him to write “proposals, end-user documentation, and technical documentation using multiple styles of genres”...

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