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Nutrition Education
My third and final topic of teaching for this family was done over the topic of nutrition. On average, this family consumes fast food three to four times a week. The parents claimed that it is just always easier and less expensive to pick up something from a fast food restaurant. I was able to find an article that talked about the correlation of fast food consumption and food prices. In this article, it states that there is a higher prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States due to fast food consumption. Fast food consumption has been linked to "higher caloric intake, higher total fat and sodium intake, poorer nutrient and vitamin intake, higher BMI, and an ...view middle of the document...

It talks about how you need to plan before going on your shopping trip, such as making a grocery list, checking for sales in the local paper or online, and planning meals and snacks for the week according to the set family budget. When you actually go on your shopping trip, the sheet suggests waiting until you're not hungry and when you're not rushed. It suggests sticking strictly to your grocery list, and to avoid going down isles that do not contain items from the list. Buying in bulk usually costs less per item. After your trip is over, the sheet says to prepare meals in advance to use on days where you don't have time to cook, and to incorporate leftovers into different meals ("Eating on a," 2011). The 7-day sample menu that I found on this website lists healthy meals and the recipes for each meal for each meal time of the day. The menu states that "averaged over a week, this menu provides the recommended amounts of key nutrients and foods from each food group" ("Sample menus for," ). This menu can be used by the parents to help provide a nutritious, and relatively cheap, alternative to the fast food they are supplying their children with.
To evaluate my teaching that was done over nutrition, I waited until my last visit to assess how many times the family had gone out for fast food over the span of approximately two weeks. I asked CM if she would keep a list of the number of times fast food was bought for the children, TP and JM2. At my final visit, CM told me that she had only bought the children fast food a total of four times over the span of two weeks. She confessed that she had not really had the time to go out and do any healthy grocery shopping, but that she would eventually sit down and try to plan out a shopping trip using the tips listed on the sheet "Eating on a Budget - The 3 P's" based on a few of the meals provided on the sample menu.
In conclusion, my family learned a great deal about the three priority teaching needs that were established in this family. Both of the parents feel a lot more comfortable with dealing with TP's asthma after I taught them what signs to look for and how to manage it. While both of the parents still smoke, CM has cut back a great deal to...

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