Evidence Based Medicine (Ebm) Research Paper

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"EBM fosters marginally effective treatments, based on population averages rather than individual


...The basic approach of medicine must be to treat patients as unique individuals, with distinct

problems. This extends to biochemistry and genetics. An effective and scientific form of medicine

would apply pattern recognition, rather than regular statistics.
From: Evidence-Based Medicine: Neither Good Evidence nor Good Medicine, by Steve Hickey,

PhD and Hilary Roberts, PhD. (Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, December 7, 2011)
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) aims to address the persistent problem of clinical practice variation with the help of various tools, including standardised practice guidelines. Guidelines themselves  are underpinned by a perception of stronger scientific foundation. On this basis few would argue at the efficacy of such guidelines however the implication of EMD has been viewed as a highly contentious matter. This essay will critically discuss the advantages and and disadvantage of EBM.
Historically in medicine three parallel methods have co-existed over the years for determining whether treatments are effective. One school of thought suggested that treatments need to be observed directly by comparing two groups of people; one group receives the treatment and the other does not. The second that before being able to justify a cure was a result of a specific treatment, the underlying causes of health and disease must be understood. The third was an authority, the final say of the ‘experts’ whom, because of their position of authority could at times trump external evidence. Evidence based medicine evolved from the first method prodominantly basing it's finding upon randomised control trails and systemic studies.  By doing so EBM has effectively removed expert opinion on a clinicians level from patient care resulting in generic patient care on an individual level.
The generic care model that results from implementation of EBM is excellent when applied to well defined disease models with minimal dimensions. It...

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