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Evidence Based Practice In Nursing Care Essay

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Evidence based practice which is a problem solving approach in the way that health care professionals deliver care is based on studies and patient care data with clinician expertise and patient preferences and values. It provides scientific approach that helps nurses to deliver quality care to a particular population. Evidence based practice has earned energy in nursing. It provides possibilities to more individualized nursing care. It also offers opportunities for nursing care to enlarge his dynamist and make the best use of clinical judgment. Evidence-based practice is an important method that nurses can use to provide an excellent care to patients and their relatives. Research has shown that nurses that treat their patients by using evidence based practice method tend to provide a better care than nurses that don’t. Evidence based practice includes a methodology approach for the most significant evidence to come with clinical solution. . It gives the nurse method to approach patient in the way of focusing on the health issues and the well-being. Evidence based practice method helps nurses to provide a better care that ensure patient’s safety and monitor effectiveness. When patient care is not adequately provided with applied evidence it may cause physical and emotional harm not only to the patient but also to the all family and relatives. When people are sick they are most of the time hopeless and depend on those with the best expertise to advocate for the best delivery of care for them. Evidence based practice method enable nurses to fulfil their role and meet their job criteria by improving their knowledge and skills for better outcomes. It has a lot of advantages for the patient. For example it reduces the amount of time waste on what is not necessary and also increases consistency and patient’s confidence in the nurse. Evidence based practice empower nurses with knowledge in order to become real professional and be effective in problem solving. It promotes patient’s satisfaction and positive health care outcomes. According to Pape evidence based practice is the “combination of best research evidence, clinical experience and client’s desires”. (2003: 155)
It is significant for nurses to understand research method because providing care should be based on the best available scientific evidence. It is combined with clinical judgments and patient’ preferences to obtain an outcome which is the best quality cost -effectiveness of patient care. It is not only important for nurses to know the right thing to do but also to know why it is the right thing to do. For example some nurses know that a particular method must be implemented but ignore the scientific reasoning behind it, which means they don’t know what research support the method. Some nurses implement evidence based practice method without questioning the reason why are they putting it into practice. For nurses to get committed to evidence based practice they must know strategies to...

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