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This paper will discuss several different aspects of using evidence research. It will compare and contrast validity vs. reliability and address wither it is possible to have an instrument that is valid and not reliable. It will also examine type I and type II errors as well as examine the differences between parametric and non-parametric. Lastly, this paper will look probability and what the minimum level of significance is for a research paper.
Validity is essentially the degree to which a conception is founded and parallels accurately to the real world. Validity is the tool that measures what the particular research was anticipated to measure (Schmitt & Brown, 2012). There are several different types of validity but the ones that will be discussed in this paper are concurrent and predictive. Concurrent validity is taking an already validated point and testing it with another measurement tool. This means that there was already a hypothesis proven right or wrong and now the researcher will be testing this same hypothesis but will being using another type of tool to see if the results are different (Burns & Groves, 2011). Predictive validity however, is validating the results of one test to another test, which is performed later to see if the original test had any prediction dependability. (Burns & Groves, 2011) An example of predictive validity being that in nursing school, this writer had to take multiple tests, which were called ATI tests. These tests would ultimately predict how well you would do on your NCLEX exam after nursing school. If multiple students, who scored high on their ATI tests, passed their NCLEX exams, this would make ATI test a great predictive tool. Now, reliability is the degree to which a test is performed and then determined to be dependable and accurate. The question now is to address if it is possible to have an instrument that is valid but not reliable. This writer feels that one is able to have a test that is valid, meaning that it measured what it was intended to measure but not exactly reliable. An example being that one researcher might perform research at one...

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