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Part A
Think about your specific practice setting. Based on your new knowledge of evidence-based practice, pick one unit procedure in your work place and explore whether it is based on research evidence or not. Discuss what you think would be needed to make the procedure more in line with best practice in the area or what was done to ensure that it was based on best practice.

At Fremont-Rideout the big issue was pressure ulcers, every month all the patients in the hospital had to be assessed for them. Anything that was a stage 3 or above had to reported to AHS. According to Chaves, Grypdonck, & Defloor (2010, p. 563), evidenced-based protocols are specific to the organization, and are used to help improve patient outcomes. In 2009 the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society (WOCN) established a basic guideline for organizations to go buy in order to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
Therefore, in this case the evidenced-based practices are; assess for risk factors (use of Braden scale); assess bony prominences for skin breakdown; assess for appearance and changes in the color of the skin; stage and describe ulcer; measure and document ulcer; reposition patient every 2 hours; remove dressing once a shift to assess skin; and accurately document progression of wound healing. The best thing to do is to make sure that you assess each person’s skin every shift to make sure that they aren’t getting an ulcer, and use of the Braden Scale. For the person that has an ulcer you want to make sure that you’re taking off the bandages and checking with prior assessments to see if the ulcer is healing. If the ulcer isn’t healing then the doctor needs to be notified and the patient needs to be reevaluated on the proper treatment, in order for progression of the wound to take place.
We have a wound care team that constantly goes to the WOCNs conventions to stay to date with the most current advances available to treat pressure ulcers. The wound care team is able to correspond with the physicians, and recommend and write order in accordance to the best treat for each individual patient’s issues with pressure ulcer. Therefore they are constantly using and teaching the nurses and physicians better ways to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.
Part B
Discuss what this statement means to you: “The key to transitioning evidence to practice is to reframe thinking about organizational culture, knowledge about research, attitudes about research, and skill in using research.”
This means that taking on a positive attitude during any situation or when faced with a set of circumstances, in other words you’re taking the same situation and same set of circumstances and giving those details a meaning. By doing this you can approach the situation with new possibilities, which gives new actions that you can take into that response. By seeing things in a variety of ways it helps you to build a...

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