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There are approximately 5 million people under community supervision, either probation or parole, on any given day in the United States. Probation is a criminal sanction that permits court supervision of an offender in the community rather than sentencing him or her to prison. Due to Assembly Bill 109, probation practices have substantially increased. In order to accommodate a proficient environment for prisoners, in 2011, the United States Supreme Court ordered California to drastically reduce its inmate population. Assembly Bill 109, alternatively called the Realignment Act, is intended to shift low-level state offenders to county jail or replacement programs known as post-release community supervision (PRCS), similar to parole and probation agencies. There are two different types of probation: court probation and formal probation. In a court ordered probation the defendant does not have to report to an officer. Alternatively, formal probation requires the probation department to periodically check the defendant’s compliance with court orders. The main goal of probation is to: protect the community, hold the offender accountable, rehabilitate offenders, support crime victims, and coordinate and promote the use of community resources effectively.
Similarly, the principles of restorative justice focus on the victim, the offender, and the community; however, the process is fairly different. Restorative justice is an approach intended to restore harm by addressing the needs of both parties involved, along with the community. The primary goal is to repair any issues or concerns created by deviant behavior in order for the victim, the offender, and the community to move forward. The community is a critical aspect of restorative justice. Within the community, there is an individual and collective responsibility present. Unlike the current criminal justice system, the purpose of this approach is to hold the victim, the offender, and the community 100% responsible. It is the idea that all people are responsible for everything that happens in society. For example, through direct communication with an offender, a victim is able to develop a sense of safety and security that can lead to the healing of the overall community. More so, rehabilitating the offender incorporates holding him or her accountable for their actions within the community. The needs of each party are recognized with the focal point being the community. This process identifies the issue, and then takes the necessary steps within the community to repair the harm caused by the deviant behavior; in fact, many people are affected by crime not just than the victim and offender. Restorative justice is likely to include some form of reconciliation, or platform to show forgiveness, and offer closure. Overall, the purpose is to analyze the values of the victim, the offender, and the community to maintain order in society.
Although crime is contextual, depending on the situation, and varying...

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