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Whether you happen to be walking down a neighborhood street on a starry night, or trekking across Canada in a car, or rising to the bright sunshine that beams through your bedroom window in the morning, many of us easily take it for granted, or perhaps it simply goes unnoticed that we are, human beings living on a planet called Earth; or that the beautiful stars in the sky have existed long before we did; or that our planet is but a tiny speck of sand in the grand Universe. "Where did it all come from?" many people before us have asked themselves. Scientists of Cosmology, who study large scale structures and the origin of the universe, have struggled with this very question and have developed several theories to answer just that. One such theory is called the Big Bang. It has become one of the most widely accepted theories of our time because in several ways, it provides tangible evidence to explain the origin of the universe. The Big Bang Theory assumes that 'the Universe began as cosmic singularity as small as an atomic nucleus"' which is infinitely small and infinitely curved and that all matter and energy were concentrated in a single point (Impey & Hartman, 513). This implies that the universe as an evolving model that existed in space-time, which began from an initial singularity and subsequently expanded (I&H, 513). Fundamentally, this theory tries to account for the physical events that took place in the very first moments during the creation of the universe, well over 15 million years ago. In much of the literature, it is evident that the three key pieces of evidence that support this theory include: the presence of cosmic microwave background radiation, galaxies are taking part in a universal expansion, as indicated by the linear relationship between distance and redshift, and the discovery of light elements (nucleosynthesis) in the universe's atmosphere that indicate the plausible event of a 'Big Bang' (I&H, 513). Despite the contentions some scientists have with this theory for its inability to explain other phenomena, it remains today one of the most compelling theories used to explain how the universe came into being (http://liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov/academy /universe/b_bang.html).In 1915, Albert Einstein developed his Theory of Relativity, which attempted to "make his equations of relativity mesh with the incorrect belief that the universe was stable and static, with no beginning nor an end" (http://www.bowdoin.edu/dept/physics/astro.1997/astro4/bigbang.html ). To recall, his Theory ofRelativity identified the relativity of gravity with that of the curvature of space-time, and from this theory, he yielded a static model of the universe. His failing however, was his account that the universe was static and unchanging, which was later challenged by meteorologist Alexander Friedmann, and mathematician Georges Lemaitre both of whom, without concrete observational evidence for universal expansion, individually discovered the...

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The Big Bang Theory Essay

1097 words - 4 pages The Big Bang Theory The steady state theory of cosmology claims that the Universe simply exists without changing with time. This theory presents many physical as well as philosophical difficulties. Evidence suggests that the Universe is expanding. While there are ways to explain expansion in a steady state universe, few astrophysicists believe this theory, because there is little evidence to support it. As the first widely held theory

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1854 words - 7 pages the prediction that all the galaxies of the universe were once in the same point, the foundation for the Big Bang was set. The next piece of evidence for the Big Bang came after a prediction made by George Gamow in 1948 that the early universe was very hot and dense. (Hawking 150). In the 1960s two physicists at Princeton, Bob Dicke and Jim Peebles, realized that based off Gamow’s prediction, the early universe’s “glow” should be able to be

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1332 words - 5 pages was smaller. The result of his postulations was the Big Bang theory. Another mystery of the universe was the Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR). CBR is made up of photons throughout the universe that are floating for no apparent reason in space. Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson spent their lives trying to explain the origin of this radiation and why it is still existent today. Their discoveries led them to an idea similar to the Big Bang theory

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3470 words - 14 pages work in progress and though it is generally believed to be a good approximation to the actual universe, the correct model has still not been worked out. But no matter how exact it is right now, it is important because it gives us a good scientific basis for the beginning of the universe and a tool to use to see how it will progress. The big bang may not give a beginning as precise as 9 o’clock October 23 4004 BCE, but we truly do believe that it

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1252 words - 5 pages Steady State Theory, leading tounending modifications to it. Until finally the theory was dropped completely withthe discovery of the smooth microwave background radiation (radiation soancient it had shifted right out of the visible spectrum into microwave radiation).A smooth background to the universe suggested that it was hot and uniform - theideal conditions for the Big Bang. (Weinberg, 1977)The Big Bang was almost exactly what it sounds like - a

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998 words - 4 pages density and temperature to create these since stars could not have produced this much of helium's and hydrogen's over the ages. Approximately 3 minutes after the Big Bang the temperature and density was the right condition for making those elements. The reason why it is only Hydrogen and Helium is because the condition didn't allow the production of elements heavier than helium.Around one second after the Big Bang, the temperature of the universe was

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1936 words - 8 pages , for example if a dynamite was to explode in a building, the building would be destroyed and only rubbles would be left standing, however the big bang states the occurrence of a blast created order as the world to some extent is an orderly place, this is also one of the weaknesses upon which the big bang theory can be attacked. Although there is supporting evidence such as the moving of the galaxies at high speed in all directions but that alone

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1803 words - 7 pages characters because of similar characteristics to their viewers. Because of this, the show has a responsibility to present typical stereotypes to its educated male viewers.The Big Bang Theory's typical viewer demographic is aimed at educated white males, typically those still in high school, college or any other kind of schooling basis whether its be student or teacher typically this audience if formulated of workers or educated student, for the show

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1098 words - 4 pages creation myth found in the book Genesis, the Judeo-Christian solution for existence; and the Big Bang theory offered by scientists as the act of the material world. These fables occur as part of popular culture and are common knowledge. Following are brief descriptions of the Pagan, biblical and scientific creation myths. As stated previously, Gaia was the central personality in the creation myth of Greek cosmology. Gaia antedates the God and

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660 words - 3 pages "Primordial Deuterium and the Big Bang" Craig J. Hogan A Review h, the Greek letter eta, is used to describe the amount of matter in the universe. Eta is the ratio of how many protons there are for every neutron. Currently there is no agreement as to the precise value of eta, but Dr. Hogan's studies on deuterium may change that. Using high-powered telescopes and a lot of chemistry he and others have come up with a way of measuring the

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809 words - 3 pages from 1929 served as the most supporting evidence for the theory. (Sagan) In the 1940's a man by the name of George Gamow manipulated Friedmann's solutions to create a parallel theory in which the universe had expanded from a hot, dense state of matter. (Sagan) Later on, in 1950, an opposing scientist named Fred Hoyle mockingly referred to Gamow's theory as a sheer "Big Bang," but to his distain, it stuck as the unofficial name. Now only a decade

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The Big Bang Theory Essay

1180 words - 5 pages will show a blueshift. If the galaxy is not moving, there is no shift at all.However, as astronomers observed, the more distance a galaxy islocated from Earth, the more redshift it shows on the spectrum.This means the further a galaxy is, the faster it moves.Therefore, the universe is expanding, and the Big Bang modelseems more reasonable than the Steady State model.The second observational evidence is the radiation producedby the Big Bang. The Big

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1216 words - 5 pages galaxy is moving closer, the spectral line will show a blue shift. If the galaxy is not moving, there is no shift at all. However, as astronomers observed, the more distance a galaxy is located from Earth, the more redshift it shows on the spectrum. This means the further a galaxy is, the faster it moves.Therefore, the universe is expanding, and the Big Bang model seems more reasonable than the Steady State model. The second observational evidence

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952 words - 4 pages ready for human life to begin; it was still very hot by terrestrial standards (2,pg.5). The big bang was the start of time and space, and about another billion years or so the hot gases turned into stars and galaxies. It then continued to expand and move away, and still to this day is expanding. There is many observational evidence that may prove the big bang theory. The one I am going to use is the evidence of radiation produced by the big bang

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1109 words - 4 pages = blue light. Hubble saw that most of the stars where red shifted, which means that they are moving away from us and that the more distant stars seemed to move even faster, which means that the universe is expanding.1965 the next evidence for the theory of the Big Bang arrived. With the help of new techniques the construction of a microwave detector was able to find the weak background radiation that were suppose to be there according to the