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Evidence of Criminal Investigation
Evidence of Criminal Investigation
Professor Provencher
Citrus College
AJ 103
John Chuo Njuh
May 22, 2017
Evidence is the key element in determining the guilt or innocence of those accused of crimes against society in a criminal court of law. Evidence can come in many different forms such as weapons, documents, pictures, tape recordings and DNA. According to the American Heritage College dictionary, evidence is the documentary or oral statements and the material objects admissible as testimony in a court of law. It is shown in court as an item of proof, to impeach or rehabilitate a witness, and to determine a sentence. During this paper, I’ll be informing you about two murder cases, O.J. Simpson and Daniel Taylor.
One of the most famous case in the 20th century was the O. J. Simpson double murder trial. On June 12, 1994, two people were brutally murdered, Nicole Brown Simpson, O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, and Ronald Goldman. O.J. was arrested the next day and charged with their murder. O.J. pleaded innocent to both murders and went to trial in criminal court. There was lots of evidences to charge him with two counts of first degree murder and it seemed almost impossible for O.J. to be found innocent. Loads of evidences found at the scene and O.J.’s home including the bodies of both Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, blood of the victims, shoe prints and other evidences. But, one of the main evidence was the questionable bloody glove found behind the guesthouse, which was proven by DNA testing to have O.J.'s, Nicole's and Ron's blood and hair on it. Fibers were also found on the glove that came from O.J.'s shirt and his Bronco. “In addition, a bloody footprint which matched O.J.'s shoes, blood on O.J.'s Bronco door, on the console, on the interior side of the door, a bloody footprint in the Bronco, bloody socks in O.J.'s house, O.J.'s injured finger, blood found at Nicole's condo that matched O.J.'s, and so on (CNN)”. But, the defense claimed that the evidence had been planted.
“Eyewitnesses are also an important piece of evidence. Allen Wattenberg, a knife storeowner, testified during the preliminary hearing that O.J. bought a 14-inch Stiletto knife from his store. O.J.'s limo driver arrived to drive O.J. to the airport and saw a black man, with the same build as O.J. sprinting across the lawn towards O.J.'s house. When O.J. answered the door, he said he'd been napping (CNN)”. Simpson's houseguest stated that he saw Simpson pulled up in the white bronco shortly after the time of the murders. All the times given by these witnesses were around the alleged time of the murders. The police investigations uncovered more evidences to link Simpson to the murders from the testimonies that came from the prosecution which showed that Simpson had planned the crime. He had an alibi but it wasn’t bulletproof. Simpson’s history of spousal abuse gave the prosecutors was a blow to his case too. All the evidences towards O. J. Simpson...

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