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Evidence Of The Armenian Genocide Essay

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The Armenian genocide was a systematic eradication of the Armenian population who lived under the Ottoman government. The genocide took place before and after World War I and it was set out in two phases. The first phase was to kill all able bodied men by massacre and forced labor. The second phase was to deport women, children, and the elderly and make them walk through the Syrian Desert in which a lot of people died from lack of food, water and the climate. The total population that had died was between one and one and a half million. Despite the high death rates, Turkey still denies the Armenian genocide took place. The evidence that the genocide took place is that one and a half million ...view middle of the document...

After that, the Turks started arresting Armenian men throughout the entire country. They took the men and they were sent to the outskirts of town. The troops then tied up the men and shot or bayoneted them to death. After the murder of the men came the children, women and elderly. The Turks told the women, children and elderly to pack their things so they can relocate them to a safer area, but their real intentions were to send them out in a death march. The Armenians walked through the Syrian Desert with lack of food and water and the weather of the Syrian Desert only made it worse for them. Many of the Armenians did not survive the march and died. This was planned out by the Turkish government; they brought no food or water for the Armenians and in some instances, even killed the women, children or elderly. One million people just do not die from starvation without the help of the government. The Turks did not try to help the starving Armenians in their march. In the picture below, you will see evidence of women and children starving throughout the march to the Syrian Desert.

Figure 1: Starved Armenian woman with her son in Syrian Desert, 1916.
Collection of the Armenian Genocide Museum & Institute Archive - See more at:

The National Archives – Armenian Genocide
There are many historical documents, photographs, witness reports that have been recorded and have been saved since the genocide’s occurrence.

Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
In 2011, twenty-one governments of different countries have recognized the Armenian genocide. Some of these countries are...

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