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Evidence Of The Theory Of Evolution

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There is abundant evidence that evolution occurs-that some species change over time, that other species diverge and become one or more new species, and that still other species become extinct. Darwin's theory was that evolution progresses through natural selection. The synthetic theory of evolution combines natural selection with the influence of genetics. These theories, together with the evidence for evolution from population genetics, molecular biology, and comparative anatomy and embryology, propose mechanisms responsible for the evolutionary patterns observed in nature.Population genetics, which emphasizes the extensive genetic variation within populations and recognizes the importance of quantitative characters, was a significant turning point for the theory of evolution. In small populations, there is greater chance for evolution. In all populations, more organisms are born than will survive and reproduce. In a small population, there is an even smaller sample that serves as parents. Such a population is very vulnerable to genetic drift. Genetic drift is the event of charge in the gene pool of a small population due to chance. Reproduction of an individual depends on both fitness and chance. However, small populations, where there is a smaller gene pool, may be more greatly affected by chance because it could greatly reduce the frequency of a particular allele in that population. For example, in a population where there is a smaller gene pool, may be more greatly effected by chance because it could greatly reduce the frequency of a particular allele in that population. For example, in a population where there is only four bugs of which two are spotted (recessive) and two were are solid colored (dominant) and only two reproduce, there is only 25% chance that the two bugs that mate will both be spotted. In this event, the entire next generation would be entirely spotted and the solid-color allele would be eliminated from the gene pool of successive generation. By contrast in a large population, there is usually not a major chance in the allele frequencies from one generation from the next. Genetic drift greatly contributes to evolution because it may reduce genetic variability in a small population (as described in the example above) and increase genetic variability between populations. As a result of chance, two populations may evolve very different allele frequencies. Genetic drift may arise as a result of a population bottleneck or the founder effect. In a population bottleneck, a species undergoes drastic reduction in population size, so that only a few individuals contribute genes to the entire future population of...

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