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"You work in a job you hate, to buy stuff that you don't need, to impress people that you don't like." - UnknownImagine yourself living in the following world:You live in a safe pleasant and unpolluted community where you actually know your neighbors and interact with them, be it a small town, a suburb, or a city neighborhood. You can easily walk, bicycle, or take effective mass transit to your nearby job, giving you time to think or read as you get there.The work that you do improves our future, benefits your community and means something to you and those with whom you interact. You look forward to Monday. The longer that you are employed the more you learn and the more valuable you become to your employer with an increasing level of pay.Your work schedule leaves you sufficient time to enjoy your friends, family and outside interests. Money isn't a controlling influence in your life because your needs are easily met. Your possessions are few, yet of high quality, thus allowing your home to be smaller and less expensive to own or rent.Occasionally you need to travel to a large store on the edge of town. You do this on a free shuttle bus or perhaps in a simple, older vehicle, the use and costs of which you might share with others or a car that you rent only when you need it, thus preserving for yourself the weeks or months that it takes to earn the thousands of dollars that owning a new car would take.Consumerism is taking that dream away. It is helped by the ability to get information across to millions at the same time and in the blink of an eye. At first a growing number of pleasant conveniences in the 1950s, then a car for everyone with the gradual erosion of mass transit, technology unimaginable a few decades earlier, then growing availability of consumer credit(which then leads to immense debt), the over-dependence on labor-saving devices, total dependence on the car and absolute necessity of full time work, the two income household to pay for more and more, then the importation of cheaper and cheaper goods and the disappearance of manufacturing jobs and now the decline of quality work with the next professionals to be downsized.Consumerism is manifested in the chronic purchasing of new goods and services with little attention to their true need, durability, product origin, or the consequences to the environment with the manufacture and disposal of these products. Consumerism is driven by huge amounts spent on advertising designed to create both a desire to follow trends, and the resulting self-reward system based on acquisition. Materialism and meaninglessness is one of the end results of consumerism.Consumerism interferes with society by replacing the normal desire for an adequate supply of life's necessities, community life, a stable family, and healthy relationships with an artificial ongoing and insatiable quest for...

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