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Evo Morales's Influence On Bolivian Social Movements

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Social Movements
Evo Morales’s influence on Bolivian social movements

Social movements have a great impact on the world nowadays. All the countries had suffered the act of social movements, but some countries experienced something beyond it, not just the act of social movement in search of change or acceptation, but civil wars and deaths of innocent people too. Countries where the corruption is present tend to be the ones that have more of this kind of things, because people are looking for acceptance, human rights, and social equality.
The country I come from is a clear example of all the characteristics I’ve named. Bolivia is known for being a revolutionary country. Its history shows us how Bolivian citizens reached goals by the social movements, how they fought for a change, and how they were abused towards the years. Bolivia faced violation of human rights since the Spanish colonized the country, being exploited and slaved.
The nightmare was supposed to be over when Evo Morales (Actual president) postulated for president in 2002. It was a surprise to have an indigenous postulant for president, but the majority of Bolivian citizens felt identified with him because he was known to be a leader of social movements and a revolutionary socialist. He lost the elections in 2002, but in 2005 he came back for revenge on the reelection and he won it. Here is where the controversies started. It appeared to be the end of suffering for some Bolivians, but the beginning of a nightmare for others.
Evo morales was born in a mining village, his used to farm to win a little bit of money. Among the crops they grew was “Coca”, which is used on the production of cocaine but is also a traditional crop in the region. Morales started his “Social movement life” in 1985 when he was elected as the general secretary of the Coca-Growers Union. In the mid 1990s, when the government was suppressing Coca

production with assistance from United States, Morales helped found a national political party, the leftist “Movement toward socialism” (MAS in Spanish) , at the same time serving as leader of the federation representing coca growers. In 2005 he became president of Bolivia. The first indigenous president in Bolivia’s history.
Evo Morales won the election after Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada (President before Morales) was relegated of his charge in 2003 because stealing millions of dollars from Bolivia. Morales came as a promise to reach the social equality, stop the abuse against indigenous people, and improve the economic field. He won the elections easily with the 54% of the votes becoming the first Bolivian president since 1982 to win a majority on a national vote.
Morales major’s concern was to rewrite the Bolivian constitution to increase the rights of the country’s indigenous population, and to work the unproductive lands from absentee owners and their redistribution to the poor.
By the years some people noticed that Morales didn’t accomplish all the...

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