Evoluation And Technology In Different Cultures

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Evolution and Technology
Technology is a vital part of what it means to be human. Anthropologists have found that Homo sapiens are one of the earliest to rely on technology. This is because unlike other animals, humans were not covered in scales nor did they have wings or gills. (Hjorth 64) “The nature of our evolution has been external to our bodies.” (Hjorth 64) Throughout centuries humans have created technology to help them survive and evolve instead of doing so through mutation. Instead of growing wings we developed planes, instead of developing eyes of a hawk, we developed binoculars and telescopes. (Hjorth 64)
In a matter of generations rather then millennia, a new technological device can come into general use by everyone who sees it. An example that supports Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution of “survival of the fittest” is the bow and arrow. “The bow and arrow offers a very great advantage to those who have it; everyone either perishes or soon learns to use the new technology. There is little time for experimentation and testing.” (Hjorth 65)
“Essentially, technology is a means of manipulating natural laws to our benefit by constructing objects that increase our efficiency and reduce waste in our lives.” (Hjorth 65) When we create technology it will either work or it will not and if it does not, humans have the ability to fix what is broken in order to meet our needs. Where as evolution of animals and plants is much more difficult because if mutation is done wrong, the process to reverse it takes hundreds of thousands of years. Striving towards a better way of living has driven human evolution. (Hjorth 65)
Technology in Different Cultures
First-world countries have access to many different types of technology at their fingertips but not all countries have these abilities. Most third world countries are faced with two major crises in the selection of technology. One being the importation of technology has not brought desirable results and secondly being that countries have not succeeded in developing technologies in accommodation to their needs and cultural beliefs. (Farahani)
Although most countries face drawbacks, recently there have been examples where culture has affected technology. Popular phones have recently been developed for Muslim users that support their religious practices by reminding them when it is time to pray, orienting them towards the Mecca and disabling incoming calls for the amount of time they pray. (Finin)
Different cultures influence the types of technology created. However, most pieces of technology are created to fit all cultures. Technology such as the iPhone or iPad has different apps that you can download which offer users different possibilities to fit in with their cultures. Cultural critique of technology exists in society as an overall assessment of technological change. Culture is what influences technology to make it fit in with our cultural needs. (Backer)

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