Evolution And Creationism Debate With An Analysis Of Galileo

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Are There Ten Commandments or Only One Commandment?Ralph Emerson, professor at Harvard University, eloquently stated,But the lightning which explodes and fashions planets, maker of planets and suns, is in him. On one side elemental order, sandstone and granite, rock-ledges, peat-bog, forest, sea and shore; and on the other part, thought, the spirit which composes and decomposes nature, - here they are, side by side, god and devil, mind and matter, king and conspirator, belt and spasm, riding peacefully together in the eye and brain of every man (Columbia Encyclopedia, 20009).The sides of which Professor Emerson mentions are that of science and creation. Both science and creation appear in many distinct forms. Whether it is physics, mathematics, astronomy, Christianity, Buddhism, or Muslim, they each have their own origin and their own proofs. Science and creation have always been at war with one another. Scientists believe that evolution proves the creation of the earth, where as creationists believe that a supreme being created the earth. This debate has even reached the bottom as to argue whether creationism can truly be a science. Another debate is whether the earth is the center of the universe, which has been heavily discussed for more than a millennium. This is based on the findings of Aristotle, Copernicus, and Galileo; and the Roman Catholic Church's standpoints on them. With these debates regarding evolution versus creation science and Galileo versus the Roman Catholic Church, it can be shown that they both possess similar and contrasting views.In order to understand these debates, a little background information will be most useful. For science, the beginning originates with the Big Bang Theory. From there, evolution began from a unicellular prokaryote all the way to the modern day Homo sapien sapien. Creationism began with a supreme being forming the universe and the earth. Within seven days, everything on the earth was created in its present form. Evolutionists and creationists argue many points, for example, the missing link in evolution or the belief that the dinosaurs and humans had to exist at the same time. Concerning the other debate of the earth and if it is the center of the universe or if it revolves around the sun, the groups opposed each other again. The Roman Catholic Church accepted the theory by Aristotle that the earth is the center and is stationary, with the moon and sun rotating around it. On the contrary, after Galileo invented the telescope, he proved Copernicus's theory, that the sun is at the center and the earth revolves around it, to be true. Neither side is willing to give in to the other. "For the Church, if Aristotle was wrong, Christianity was wrong" (Galileo, Science, and the Church). On the other side, "Galileo refused to speak of his beliefs as theory because he wanted his beliefs to either be accepted as fact or rejected completely" (Henderson). Since the sides could not have a common ground in this...

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