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In the past 43 years, after the ability to personally recognize who leaders were and the basic cognation of what leaders should accomplish, personal concept of leaders shifted with an internal desire to emulate specific leadership frameworks. The first concept of leadership started forming with the strong alpha-male representation created by the father and grandfather figures. The cognation of leaders morphed into a personal hybrid formed by the initial framework, adding in sport coaches, teachers, employers, formal training, and life experiences in the US Air Force. The early vision of what a leader represents aided in creating a self-image and building an internal relationship to those mentoring leaders to solidify personal leadership and followership traits (Vielmetter & Sell, 2014).
Leadership attitudes are contagious as these attitudes reflect perceptions of willingness and structured experience (Boone & Makhani, 2012; Oreg & Berson, 2011). The mentor-apprentice relationship shapes progressive attitudes as apprentices either emulate the mentors’ attitude toward leadership or molds personal hybrids of multiple mentors and develop the ideal personal status quo of leadership and followership (Ashley & Reiter-Palmon, 2012; Boone & Makhani, 2012; Owens & Hekman, 2012). In the changing dynamics of the economy, business concepts, and idealistic leadership qualities to manage both, leadership attitudes and behaviors focus on personality, perception, feelings, and motivation that span from the alpha-leader to servant leaders (Boone & Makhani, 2012; Goh & Zhen-Jie, 2014; Harris, Berendt, Malindretos, Scoullis, & Williams, 2012; Rezaei, Salehi, Shafiei, & Sabet, 2012; Vielmetter & Sell 2014).
The focus of this paper is to analyze three leaders, Kyle, Dave, and Steve. The context reflects research into evolution of leaders, leadership attributes, strategic decision making, and reflection of attributes as each examined leader possess positive and negative personal influence.
Prelude to Analysis
Kyle, an active duty US Air Force Colonel, advanced professionally in one specific functional area that does not tolerate creative thinking and builds upon a stern leadership concept of my way or the highway. This functional area of Aircraft Maintenance carries a reputations for supporting a negative theory of the onetime mistake ceases career progression. Kyle portrays a selfish, professional leader who takes credit and announces blame; an attitude perceived both at work and at home as depicted through his shared personal reflections.
Dave, a retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, advanced to the top of the enlisted force structure within two functional areas, Supply and Logistics management, both transcend responsibilities and communication across leadership boundaries of commanders. Dave is currently a Department of the Air Force civilian in an upper level management position, however does not hold supervisory...

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