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Evolution In Different Species Essay

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Evolution can be found among almost every type of creature, if not all living creatures. Indeed, there are many articles and research being done about evolution in sea organisms. Seeing as evolution is based on abilities to obtain food and shelter, the end results usually ended up with an animal or organism evolving to better obtain either of these. For example, the head of a dwarf seahorse was found to have evolved to better catch their prey, the copepod (Ornes, 2013). The shape of the head causes the water in front of the nose to be still as to be able to avoid being detected (Ornes, 2013). With sea creatures evolution also may cause other changes like the loss of a stomach (Milius, ...view middle of the document...

But based on the previously found tooth fragments of a big cat fossil in Tanzania the fossil was 3.6 million years old. The research team used technology and carbon dating to find that the age of the skull that was found dated back to between 4.10 and 5.95 million years ago. (Earth Sky, 2013). We now know more about the organisms who evolved from it. Evolution does not necessarily have to happen in large organisms but also in microorganisms. In the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica are extremely dry deserts but have micro bacteria and organisms that flourish when water is added. On the rare occasions that the weather is warmer and wetter, streams are created and the bacteria in the ground thrive and become “colorful mats” and tiny micro organisms can be found in the soil. If these micro organism had not evolved to be able to withstand freeze-drying it truly would be a lifeless land. (David Bjerklie, 2014) This was found by hands-on observation of the lands that were deemed "life-less". These techniques can be used to find physical evolution in land and sea organisms
Evolution and behavioral evolution in land organisms is ,in a way, easier to find than evolution in sea creatures. We, being a land dwelling species ourselves, can easily study other species that also live on land. But we weren’t always on the ground. We have evolved from living in trees to living on the ground and essentially have to change every bone from the...

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