Evolution Of Business Presentation Create A 10 15 Slide Microsoft Power Point Presentation Describing The Evolution Of Business. .

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The Industrial Revolution Business has gone through several different stages of evolution from feudalism to the industrial revolution. In the following, each stage of business evolution will be examined and explained in detail.FeudalismThe business or economic system in which one class of people, aristocrats, control the property rights to all valuable resources, including people.The Hierarchy of English Aristocrats is indicated to the right of the description of Feudalism. The position in which an individual held was determined by the income they generated. The more income you made, the higher position you held in the hierarchy. The kings and Queens were the highest in rank who controlled everyone and everything that happens in their land.Hierarchy of authorityDating back in the Stone Age, the beginnings of Feudalism were starting to take place.Business has always been the stepping stone to a grand life, rather it be a great nation or corporation. During the time of the stone age, there was a chief who had authority over everyone. There were hunters who hunted wild animals for food to distribute to the tribe or clan. The food gatherers would gather and clean all the food the hunters would bring in. Craftspeople would make clothes and weapons out of the hides and bones of the animals hunted. The priests, shamans, and sages were responsible for providing "protection" and religious hope.MERCANTILISMBusiness or economic system in which merchants and bankers organize the trade of products across markets and countries until they are put to their most valued use.Mercantilism existed back in Egyptian times also. It was a huge part of Egypt and it's economic existence. There was some papyrus records found that described boundless quantities of grain and olive oil being stored in warehouses that extended over several fields in Alexandria, Egypt. These warehouses were meant for sale abroad. In the time of the Ptolemy dynasty, mercantilism was a godsend. This king of Egypt owed Alexander the Great an abundant amount of money for Egypt being a free country. Along with gold, King Ptolemy would send fields of grain as payment for their freedom.The price of TeaMerchants then and now still make huge amounts of profit by taking advantage of differences in the prices of products in different markets.In the 1600s, tea that was imported from India to Britain cost about $100 a pound in today's money. It was so expensive that it had to be locked up and taken out with care. Because tea was so expensive, some British communities fought back by dressing up as Native Americans and forcing the tea that was being imported into the ocean. This was called the Boston Tea Party and it helped bring about eh American Revolution.CAPITALISMThe economic, business, and political system that allows people to own resources and use them to engage in production, trade, and distribution of goods and services.Capital was and still is a huge part of business. If you didn't have what you...

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