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Even when cell phone and electricity didn't exist, children of all ages were still entertained. As those children got older, they began to have different interests, resulting in more captivating stories with intricate plots. First, children start with picture books to start grasping the concept of storytelling. Second, they move on to traditional literature, with fairytales and legends of heroes. Third, they begin reading modern fantasy. From then on, they delve into realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, and poetry. The evolution of these stories has opened a door of entertainment for all ages.
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These books usually include some tale about fairy godmothers and magic, allowing smaller children to transport themselves to other worlds while expanding their reading capacity. A popular traditional book is Ella Enchanted. "We don't do big magic. Lucinda's the only one. It's too dangerous" (Levine 9).
From traditional literature, children move on to modern fantasy. Modern fantasy books are targeted towards younger readers with the presence of magical powers and special powers. These books start to give children a concept of character development, introducing flat and round characters. Characters present in these stories usually have many relations to the readers, which leads to a large portion of their popularity. A popular modern fantasy book is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Theif. “At camp you train and train. And that's all cool and everything, but the real world is where the monsters are. That's where you learn whether you're any good or not” (Riordan 169-170). These stories usually stay with children as they grow, because many authors who write series often make the characters evolve as the kids get older.
As the children get older they start to read realistic fiction. Realistic fiction novels are stories that are made up, but that take place in our world. These books are much like modern fantasy in the aspect of length and characters, though there is not a presence of magical powers. Confessions of a Murder Suspect is a great example of these books. "I had to agree with Harry. I did already live in the circus. And it was a five-ring affair" (Patterson 224). Realistic fiction is a genre meant for both children and adults, which is why murder mysteries have kept their popularity through the years.
When children reach the end of elementary and the beginning of middle school, they start to read historical fiction books. These books give kids a sense of what happened in history while reading about fictional characters. They contain elements from almost every point of human history, from the beginning or creation to war eras. An historical fiction book that almost everyone has heard of is Gone with the Wind. "Scarlett,...

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