Evolution Of Darwin And Christianity Essay

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Evolution of Darwin and christianity

Since time immemorial man has always questioned the origins of life and himself . The answer to that question as there are three alternatives , namely the creation , transformation , or evolutionary biology .

The definition of biological evolution varies from studied biological aspects . Some definitions are common in biology books , among others : the evolution of living things is the changes experienced by living beings slowly over a long time and lowered , so that over time can form new species : evolution is the change in frequency genes in populations over time ; and adaptive evolution is the change in the character of the population from time to time . Evolution has been uniting all branches of the biological sciences .

Idea of the biological evolution of humans has long been thought . However , among the various theories of evolution ever proposed , it appears that Darwin's theory of evolution by most theories . Darwin ( 1858 ) proposed two basic theories that species alive today are descended from species that lived before , and evolution occurs through natural selection . The development of the theory of evolution is very interesting to follow . Darwin argued that based on the pattern of gradual evolution , based on the direction of adaptation to the diverging nature and based on the results themselves are always initiated the formation of a new variant .

In the development of Darwin's theory of evolution was challenged ( especially from religious groups , and which adopts the theory of creation - Universal Creation ) , support and enrichment - enrichment . So , the theory itself also evolved so that the theory of biological evolution we now know with the label " Neo -Darwinian " and " Modern Synthesis " , is not as pure as that proposed by Darwin . Various terms below is the result of enrichment that reflects the struggle of thought and scientific arguments about the theory of evolution : based on the speed of evolution ( evolution and the evolution of quantum quasi ) ; based on the pattern ( gradual evolution , evolution punctual , and evolution saltasi ) and based on the product scale ( macro- evolution and micro- evolution ) .

Topic to be discussed below include perkembagan Darwin 's theory of evolution and the implications of Darwin's theory of biological evolution in the way we view about the existence of beings and the universe .

The development of Darwin's Theory of Evolution

1 . Brief History of Charles Darwin ( 1809-1882 )

1831-1836 : The sea journey with the Beagle .
1844 : Draft book " Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection " has been completed .
1858 : Afred Russel Wallace sent the manuscript to J. Hooker member of the Royal Society , containing about expanding ideas of Malthus . Joint paper by Darwin and Wallace in Society forum .
1859 : Publication of the book " On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection "
1860 : The debate between Huxley and Darwin...

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