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Evolution Of Female Resistance To Mate Harm In Drosophila Melanogaster

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This experiment studied the evolution of female resistance to mate-harm in response to sexual conflict. Previous studies had touched on this topic. Most of them had come to the conclusion that populations that are centered on the male-mating/female-childbearing gender-specific definitions of success often lead to a cascade of problems. Male success is defined by the number of females they can mate with, often leading to harsh competition between males. This competition has led evolution to induce male fruit flies to be predisposed to take violent, forceful, and often harsh measures in trying to mate with female flies. This increase in violent character in the males often results in a ...view middle of the document...

After their test, the researchers quantified several results. Firstly, they quantified the dry body weights of the females. Secondly, they measured the fitness of the females under two conditions: single mating and continuous male exposure. This also included the number of progeny. Third, the female flies were measured for longevity under their virgin (single mating) and reproducing (continuous exposure) conditions.
The dry body weight of the flies didn’t seem to show much of a correlation. They found that the female biased group was the heaviest. In terms of progeny, they only found one correlation, which was mating status interaction. They found that in the females that underwent a single mating condition, the female biased group produced more progeny. However, in the continuous male exposure group, the male biased females produced more progeny than the female biased. In comparing F females of the continuous exposure and single mating, they found a significant less progeny. However, male biased females had no difference. So, the study concluded from this that female biased flies were most affected by males, yet the male biased flies were not affected by male at all. When comparing longevity, they found that single mating flies of group F had a higher lifespan, but in continuous exposure, the male biased flies lived longer.
So, this study found an interesting correlation that led them to believe that females biased by males tended to evolve, generation after generation, in such a way that helped them resist male...

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