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Evolution Of Gender Language Essay

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The Evolution of Gender Neutrality in the English Language: Abridged
As a society evolves and changes, it’s language mutates and conforms to changing needs. Words form to define new things, archaic terms drop from use, and meanings change as different usage contexts develop. In the English language, this phenomenon is noticable in the shrinking use of gender specific vocabulary. Gender-biased language became a significant social concern in the late nineteenth century. According to Shuman University professor Sylvia Teneva, gender-biased language is, “any usage that excludes or stereotypes one gender” (Gender Neutrality). Examples of gender-bias, a relatively new occurrence in the fifteen ...view middle of the document...

The use of lady continued to decline. Its popularity suffered a devastating mar when the National Council of Teachers of English classified it as patronizing and trivializing of women” (Prosenjak, Harmon, et al.). Teneva supports the NCTE model of fair-use. She denounces the use of a gender specific word in reference to mixed-gender groups as imprecise. She claims that even if the intent is not sexist, statements such as "Every student must manage his time wisely" are vague, potentially misleading, and offensive. Supporters of the model prefer the singular generic pronouns, they and their, citing the lack of any specificity. Research from the last fifty years generally agrees on the power of gender usage. Studies like Language Practices and Self Definition by Spencer Cahill reveal how the connotations of gender language affect the construction of personal identity in adolescents (Cahill 295-311). Mountains of research exist on how gender usage reinforces stereotypes. Recently, Jean Twenge published a study mapping rise and fall of womens social status from 1900-2008. The study showed a clear and definite...

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