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Graphic design. An ever growing and ever changing field. Graphic design has changed vastly over the years, and still continues to change. As technology evolves and trends change, those whom make a living designing have to change themselves and their style of designing. Although trends alone do not drive how graphic design changes, it is also changed by the studies done to learn how and what colors and shapes make us want to have or do something.
Graphic design, a form of art that is referred to as the art of creating something through text, space, and design. Although this is not what it used to be, graphic design can be dated as far back as the caves of Lascaux, cave walls with pictures ...view middle of the document...

It would be ridiculous to think that logos such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, or more recently Wall Mart where created in a day, it would even be ridiculous to think it would be created in a week. It would have taken months to research what was needed, make different stages of development as the logo in question evolved, touched up with the client, and anything else that had to be done so that that company could have a successful logo that when they gained enough popularity would stand out amongst all the rest so that it could be recognized down a highway by just catching a glance at the golden arches to reiterate on our past example. Other than standing the test of time, a logo has to be appealing to look at. If someone was to make a logo that was an extremely vibrant yellow outlined in a mucus green, not only would it not be appealing, but it might hurt our eyes to look at such a vibrant color. Instead of doing something like that soft blues with a touch of gold might look better for example. Logos today also mean a lot more, for an example back when Coca Cola was just starting out, pop was just called pop, soda, or the name of the kind of pop it was, whereas today there are certain places in the US that call all pop coke, because it is the generic pop. A good logo can even make or break a business. Granted we don’t all walk around critiquing different logos that we see, but if someone goes into a restaurant whose logo is a very badly cut out image of a chicken and their menu looks like it was drawn and colored by third graders, you might reconsider eating there because you don’t get a sense of professionalism, you would more than likely go somewhere that has a logo that looks good and a menu that is also fine, considering the food is good.
We have done much work to get to this point, mostly in the form of studies done to...

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