Evolution Of Gun Culture In America

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Depending on tastes and styles, modern and contemporary culture is a rapidly changing trend, whereas the deeper culture of political values and beliefs change more slowly. This is the case with what is termed as the gun culture in the United States of America. The gun culture in America is predominantly divided into the ‘pro-gun right group’ and the ‘pro-gun control group’. These two groups contend against each other for social and political resources, and this is struggle that is infamous in the contemporary American culture. Each group considers themselves to be orthodox or mainstream of the comprehensive American culture but at the same time they are portraying each other to be the absurd ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, pro-control activists believe that firearms and guns that the citizens using these weapons will be affected by evil and violence, thus causing criminal doings that may result in damages, injuries, and or even death.
Pro-gun activists consider the possession of firearms or guns ‘legal’ in the case of crime. They believe every citizen should be allowed to defend themselves during such instances. On the contrary, pro-control activists have faith in the security forces to protect the citizens rather than the citizens being allowed to own their own firearms and guns (Utter and True, 68).
Pro-gun activists think that the gun control policy is a fruitless method to conserve the law. It is considered as a violation of the human rights or privacy as the law cannot decide how people should protect themselves in case of crime, danger and violence. The pro-control activists however think that rational strategies can be implemented to subdue accidents, violence, and unnecessary misuse of firearms and guns (Utter and True, 68).
As per the second amendment states (law.cornell.edu),
A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
This means that people are allowed to possess firearms and guns, but at the same time, the police are allowed to possess firearms and guns as well. This is a valid argument for both the pro-gun and pro-control groups. Pro-gun activists believe that it is a necessary right for the individuals to possess guns, while the pro-control activists believe that the police are also allowed to possess firearms and guns, as long as they are supervised by the national government. However, the police do have the rights to control the rights of the ownership of guns if needed. This is where the pro-gun activists consider a breach of human rights and privacy as everything is being monitored as not every citizen is a danger, only certain ones.
According to a 2000 Washington Post/ABC News (abcnews.go.com) online opinion poll, citizens of America were asked,
Do you favor or oppose a nation-wide ban on the sale of handguns, except to law enforcement?
According to the poll results, 38% agreed to support the question, while 59% answered saying that they opposed to having a nationwide...

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